Why you Should try Photography (photo tour of one afternoon in NYC)

There are endless reasons why you should be discovering new and interesting things to explore in life.

Photography is a hobby worth participating in because you can take a camera anywhere, always have subjects to focus on, allow yourself to think differently, document interesting moments, and you can become the life of the party.

What follows below is when I took my camera out during one beautiful Sunday in New York and decided to capture some images.

One great aspect of photography is that it really gets you out of your head. Your focus is outside of yourself and on the world around you. This is a great exercise in stepping away from inward thoughts, relieving anxiety, and noticing details.

I enjoy sculpture, especially when it is carved from stone, and started my walk through the Lower East Side of Manhattan with an eye out for things sculpted.

Lion Sculpture

A nice thing about using sculptures as subjects is that you can practice taking portraits, play around with your camera, and get used to how the settings work.


For these I set the cameras aperture to 2.8 (the lowest stop) in order to focus on the sculptures in the foreground and cause the backgrounds to be blurry.


Most of the time, you will want to shoot in color, but for some photos black & white provides a more powerful effect.

Reading in Garden

The picture above works much better in black & white because it adds to the atmosphere. A person reading alone in a sculpture garden is a quiet moment that is more about mood than anything else.

*I chatted with her for a bit after showing her the photo. Didn’t push the interaction, but the potential was there. heh

Chinatown Cops

Two Chinatown cops doing their job. Not the best picture, but there is something funny about Chinese cops to me.

Drinking on the street

Two cops in that car who were not doing their jobs. That kid half sleeping/drinking beer out of a bag was a leftover from the Santacon shitshow the day before. They just left him there.

One thing you can do with your pictures is tell a story. I could have walked around all day observing police and describing what was going on in the scenes. But I wanted to see girls instead…

I made my way to Washington Square Park, still my favorite place to go on nice days, and was greeted with people making bubbles and pretty women everywhere.

Washington Square Bubbles

In a large city like New York it is easy to blend in with the crowd and just take pictures of whatever you want. At first it might feel uncomfortable snapping shots of strangers, but no one really cares if you look like you know what you are doing. Its an exercise in confidence.

In 10 minutes, multiple pretty girls strolled by.

Girls 1


Hot vs. UglyI would approachAmerican Girl

And a bubble floated by and provided a cool self portrait.

Bubble self portrait

I witnessed an Indian student try and hit on a girl he had arranged a ‘study’ date with. It was hilarious watching their body language as time went on. The conversation stayed light, but as he creeped closer to her she kept leaning in the other direction.

This is the type of cat who needs game.

Leaning in

Another way to get some interesting shots is looking for groups of similar things.

Like some park workers in uniform.

Park Service

Or some nerds.

Nerds in a Group

I strolled around the park and just walked up to girls and asked to take their portrait. Every one of them was receptive and we had a fun time chatting about the picture afterward and flirting.

PortraitPhotographer Portrait

Russian White

One of the best ways to approach girls for portraits is to say “excuse me, can I take your portrait?” and then compliment them on something “thats a great hat”, “I like your glasses”, “really nice sweater”, “I like your look”.

While out looking for pretty girls, don’t forget about staying outside of your head and keeping an eye out for interesting shit.

Painted Dog

Get close to your subject, it takes a little boldness but the results are usually better.

Painted Dog Face

One reason NYC remains my favorite place in the world is because music is everywhere. This guy is a serious talent and I’ve seen him play at some of my favorite venues late at night. It was a treat to hear his songs outside in the sunlight.


Another reason I love New York is because scenes like this are considered absolutely normal. You could pick your nose all day in public and no one would give a shit.


I ran into a friend of mine in the park who suggested that I start a new project asking girls what their true thoughts about online dating were.

As we were talking, we passed by a model who was trying to recover from a night of hard partying. She tried to remain aloof but I got her to crack some smiles.

Model Bitch Hides

Model Bitch Doesn't Care

Model Bitch has a Pretty Face

There is nothing like getting some nice shots while you are out wandering the world. The little ‘high’ from a nicely composed picture is something that will inspire you to open you eyes even more and make conversations with strangers easy.

The photos in this post were all taken in less than two hours. It isn’t that hard to create interesting pictures after a little practice. I would highly suggest making photography a new hobby, or working to perfect it if you have already begun.

For ideas about how to get started, suggestions for different projects, and a detailed breakdown of how to approach girls with a camera, you should pick up a copy of An Introduction to Camera Game: how to Seduce Women Through Photography. 

While Goldmund probably isn’t the first guy to utilize his camera to get laid, he is the first I’ve seen that has consciously realized it and written it down into actionable advice and steps. Wielding his DSLR throughout the streets of Manhattan (among other places) has proven to be extraordinarily successful for him. Even if you’re never wielded a camera beyond an iPhone in your life, Goldmund walks you through all of the technical steps of taking good pictures.

Then, he combines it with damn good frame and game techniques to give girls an experience they’ll never forget.

And experience it is. The stories he tells at the end of the books is the stuff that chicks fantasize about. Goldmund literally gives the blueprint on how to make these fantasies come true. Trust me when I say that girls are fantasizing about a sexy photographer approaching them, taking photos, and then fucking her silly – they are not fantasizing about having sex on a dinner date at a five star restaurant.

Really, all of us involved in game should be taking a page out of Goldmund’s books – an experience is everything for a girl.

Read the full review from Kyle of This is Trouble here.

When it was time to board the train back to Brooklyn, I felt great. There was an attractive Latina smoking a cigarette outside of the subway stop and I approached her to say how good she looked. She laughed after I took her portrait and we had a nice conversation about talking to strangers. I took her number and parted with a light kiss on the cheek.

A nice end to a productive afternoon.

Latina Smoker

Buy Camera Game here.

*Let me know what you think of these little ‘photo stories’ in the comments below, or shoot me an email by clicking on the envelope button at the top of the page. Should I incorporate more pictures or should the camera stay at home?

**Had a few people ask about the equipment I use. The camera is a Canon Rebel T4i and the lens is a 40mm pancake


About Goldmund

Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

11 comments on “Why you Should try Photography (photo tour of one afternoon in NYC)

  1. “At first it might feel uncomfortable snapping shots of strangers, but no one really cares if you look like you know what you are doing.”
    You wanna bet?
    A lot of folks act like you’re carrying an AK-47 when you tote around a DSLR (or even a point and shoot).*
    So be mindful where, when, how and who you take pictures of.
    That being said yes, photography can be a nifty back door for gaming purposes.
    It readily appeals to the vanity of bangworthy chicks while simultaneously scarring off a lot of the unbangable.
    Moreover it can be used to screen out a lot of shy types.
    The least sexually inhibited women will be most attracted to your camera.
    * a professional looking camera is indispensable in warding off high pressure salespeople, moving a long line at the grocery store, etc.
    Just sling it over your shoulder and you’re good to go in these situations.

    • I’ll go more into this in the future, but if you look the part make yourself blend in with the environment and ‘act’ like a street photographer, things are going to be fine for the most part. At least in places like New York where photographers are commonplace.

      I’m sure there are parts of the world where people will want to fight if they saw you snapping pictures without permission.

      A while ago, I saw a skinny hipster fag on the train almost get his ass kicked and camera smashed by a big black dude who saw him take a sneaky photo.

      Its something that requires common sense and a ton of confidence…another reason it makes such a good hobby.

      • Because the guy was acting like, and therefore screaming out, “I’m trying to sneak a picture”. Do it like you do it all the time, people will respond to you as that’s what that guy does, most likely.
        Can be the difference between “Are you a photographer?” and you can say yes or give some other reason. Or it can be “Why you trying to take a picture of me?!!!”
        Always funny to me that people will give you coolness points automatically or assume you know something they don’t, which also gives coolness points. But it helps.

  2. I am more of a landscape photographer, people bore me:

    As for black and white, I have in most cases adopted the idea from Ken Rockwell that black and white is the type of picture to take when the color does not add anything to the picture and when the structure and shades of lightness are more important.

    Just making graveyards and poor people and ‘social’ matters and sadness black and white seems like a boring cliche to me. Like: Look, this is black and white. This is meaningful.

    I like that second shot of that ‘I don’t care’ gal. She is a bit boring, but the background is great.

    • Back when I was going through a depression I did mostly landscape and wildlife photos. It connected me to something bigger than myself and also helped because it was hard for to relate to other people at the time. Taking photos got me out of my head and got me through some tough times. I don’t think at that point you could have paid me to approach strangers on the street, it would have been impossible due to anxiety and self-doubt.

      I wish the ‘don’t care’ girl wasn’t so hungover, she was truly stunning in person. At least 6’2” and full of model swagger.

      • Damn, that is an interesting perspective. Yes, those are pretty much the reasons why I hate taking photos of people as well. So I will keep my mind open to taking pictures of people once I heal more, thanks.

        Yeah, she looks pretty done. 6 feet 2, fuck. Larger than me. I like them small. Then again, I met small guys who liked tall women. Life is full of different tastes.

  3. Nice pictures and solid points. Every big city has street photography groups that meet up and shoot the city. Invaulable for both learning and finding all the city secret photo spots. You’ll also meet photographers of all types, street, portrait/model, etc. Just getting plugged into that creative center in any city is huge in both expanding your ability and meeting interesting people. Girls loving the adventure of it is an added bonus.

  4. Another thing I like about photography is that it can have real historical or commemorative value. Old photos are a frozen image of vanished time, preserved forever. Looking at them can be a way to transport yourself to a different place and time.

  5. Note: a reader just informed me that the banjo player in the above photo was featured in Season 5, episode1 of ‘Louie’…the one where he goes to a potluck and fucks a pregnant woman who goes into labor.

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