What a Successful Night Out Looks Like

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There are some nights when everything works out well. Just the way you want it to, and even though the events are unpredictable, right from the beginning you know how things are going to end.

This is the beauty of going out, running game, and getting in the ‘zone’. Rejections, mishaps, spilled drinks, and poor ratios don’t affect your mood in a negative way. Every single event can be turned in to a positive learning experience. This is when the gods are on your side and you can accomplish just about anything.

I wish I could say that this happened each and every time I go out, but it doesn’t. Its especially difficult to pull off if you are an introvert like myself who actively feels the energy getting sucked out when interacting with other people.

Its been a fun ride coaching because the guys who come out are always hungry, wanting to learn, observe, and have a good time. This gives me inspiration and drive to make things happen and its a good feedback loop that keeps us on our toes with our eyes open.

There have been quite a few success stories so far from coaching, every guy gets at least a number or two, there have been lots of make-outs, insta-dates, and a few guys (including myself) getting laid.

This past weekend was one of the more adventurous coaching experiences and at one point in the night, we both knew how it was going to end. Everything in between was a whirlwind of a ride that took us over bridges, on rooftops, through a drugden, and landed us in a lewd game of strip-poker. And you know what happens after strip-poker..

new york rooftop

At one point, there was a rooftop involved.

Here is a review of the night from a happy client:

Greetings gents. I’ll cut right to the chase, I recently I signed up for some coaching with none other than the legend himself, Goldmund Unleashed. I had heard about Goldmund through the website masculine-style.com run by Tanner Guzy (incidentally a fantastic place to step up your fashion game), and was immediately intrigued by Goldmund’s writing. I became even more interested when I saw that he offered coaching and that it was in NYC, not far from where I live. To that end, I emailed him, we set up a date and time, and then we went out. What makes Goldmund so good at what he does is that he’s fearless. There is no hesitation in his game, if he sees a girl he likes he walks up to her and immediately engages her in conversation. Even more importantly, he dispenses with the bullshit and is very direct, polite, but direct.

There are no canned lines, no scripts that come across as contrived, and no pretense. He makes it clear from the beginning that he is interested through his words, his actions, and especially his body language. However, he does it in a non-needy way completely free of desperation. If she’s interested great, if not, he’s so good at screening he’ll say “Nice to meet you” and be on his way. Rejection doesn’t faze him in the least and that is quite possibly the most important aspect of game, shit, perhaps life in general. Perseverance. Never taking yourself too seriously. And the humility to realize that not all women are going to be into you and quite frankly rejection in many cases is funny. Take a deep breath, smile, and remember that while game and social skills in general are important this isn’t life and death. It’s supposed to be fun, it’s supposed to get your blood flowing, and it’s supposed to be an adventure.

The way the night worked, Goldmund asked me to point out girls that I was interested in and since we were together, he walked up to groups of ladies and introduced himself, then fairly quickly worked me into the conversation. “This is my friend….” and then we took it from there. We were definitely getting interest from most of the women we talked to, yeah, there were some who didn’t dig it but again, rejection doesn’t matter remember? Using what Goldmund always preaches about keeping interactions light and playful, I approached one girl by myself, a good looking Argentinean chick, and teased her about Messi and Maradona and we talked about the state of international soccer. Ended up getting her number and then we kept things moving along. I was actually about to walk up to a good looking brunette with killer legs and Goldmund must have sensed the over-eager teenager in me (don’t worry boys, no matter how old a man gets that teen is buried somewhere) because he starts laughing and says “Hold on.”

We walked over to a table in the back and he was about to offer some advice when two girls sitting at a table near by start talking to us. This is the power of dressing well, Goldmund had an Indiana Jones style hat that the ladies love and I was wearing desert boots and a red tie (seriously, the only magic pill I can think of when it comes to game as far as making things easier is dressing well. You can’t change your personality overnight, but you can change your haircut and your clothes. Think about it). They asked us if we were planning to rob a bank saying that we looked like we stepped out of the 30s and they meant it in a complimentary way. If there is something easier than when girls initiate conversation with you and make it clear they’re interested, I’d like to know what it is.

Goldmund and I hung out with these two for the rest of the evening and we ended up going back to the apartment one of them lived in. Let’s just say we both had some fun and the night was a resounding success. His ability to engage ladies in conversation, to keep their interest, and above all, to ensure you have a great goddamn night is unparalleled. It’s clear that he loves what he does, that he has earned his stripes, and that he can teach it and show you how it’s done. Lines, scripts, and routines can only carry you so far, this is all improvisation and thinking on the fly which may take a little time to develop, but it’s so damn fun. So if you’re thinking about signing up for coaching, do it. You will not regret it and who knows, you may have a story or two of your own when all is said and done.

Yup, its a push for some coaching, a reminder that I’m going to be visiting many major cities around the United States (starting in about a month!) and would be glad to take guys out and be the best wingman you could ever dream of.

Some exciting things planned for the following cities:

  • Pittsburgh–a lot of people are moving out of NYC to this land-locked city because of the cheap rents and art scene. I’m pretty successful with artistic/hipster chicks and am sure to be able to run some interesting stranger game.
  • Detroit–never been before and am looking forward to some exploring of the ruins.
  • Chicago–I know a bunch of guys (and this hot ex lover who invited me to stay for a night). I’ll be there around the 4th of July so we should be in for a party.
  • Missoula–Guncountry, bigsky, glaciers, wilderness. I’m not too sure about the girls in this area but Mother Nature will get a thorough fucking.
  • Portland–I lived in this city for about 8 months and was really in to the music/skate scene. Can’t wait to skate Burnside again and run daygame at all the great festivals that happen in July.
  • Austin–Had a blast the last time I was there over Christmas: great food, cute girls, big backyards, and awesome music. I’m definitely getting laid in Austin. I haven’t put this video up on the blog yet, so here it is. The last girl I hooked up with a little and is a good representation of the cuteness of chicks in Austin. 


  • New Orleans: still one of my favorite places in the world. I was there last summer and banged a girl within minutes of arriving. I hope to recreate some of that action on Frenchman street.
  • Miami: I plan on going all out down there and am also going to spend some time searching for alligators in the everglades.
  • Nashville/Asheville: These cities in the mountains will be sure to provide some good music, fresh beer, and cute girls. I’m going to try and get in with the rafting guides in the blue mountains–I heard they really know how to party.

If you are anywhere in these areas, be sure to get in contact and we’ll make a memorable night happen. The trip will be documented in an adventure style type of novel/memoir and the amount of excitement that is already brewing is evidence that something special is going to happen.

About Goldmund

Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

12 comments on “What a Successful Night Out Looks Like

  1. Hey Golmund,

    I’ve recently discovered you through Christian McQueen on that video podcast. I kept thinking “Now THIS guy has the kind of laid back off-brand swagger I can relate to!” Just finished reading of your adventure in Montreal too, amazing. You do what I desire to do, just simply live life and seek adventure, whether it be in sex, nature, or situations.
    That being said, you said something in this post that I can relate to so much it’s ridiculous. About how interacting with people for extended periods of time saps your energy (I know this is why you had to recover in the mountains after your adventure in Montreal.)
    My question is, as an “outgoing introvert”, how do you get yourself into those amazing situations with interesting people when there’s a strong pull inside that says “eh…maybe I’ll just chill out and keep to myself for now.” As I’m sure you can understand, sometimes the interactions it takes to really immerse yourself into adventure and great situations takes a lot of effort to force out of one’s self.

    Keep living and thanks for being an inspiration.

    – Ricky

    • Hey Ricky, thanks for the support man.

      You are spot on about why I went climbing in the Adirondacks after Montreal…all those people and girls sucked my energy right out. Being alone in Nature is the fastest recharge I know of.

      I found that the best way to turn up my energy is to really focus on getting out of my head. That means focusing on things that are part of the environment, rather than having an internal dialogue like I am used to.

      The smell of the air, the lights in the room, the color of peoples clothes, and being alert for interesting details helps to do this.

      Also, like I said in the McQueen video…when you go out at night with a mission to ‘give’ to others and make them have a really good time, it give you a purpose. And that purpose is perfect for meeting, having fun with, and seducing girls. They are begging to be led on an adventure with an interesting man.

      I think there is something very alluring about being an ‘outgoing introvert’ because people can tell that you only release your energy in certain circumstances…this makes them feel like they are someone special when you give them attention…in the best case, they will be someone who can reciprocate energy, whether through lively conversation…or great sex.

      This does take a lot of work, and a lot of my 20s was spent brooding and depressed because I couldn’t muster the strength to go out and make these adventures happened. Luckily, my willpower didn’t let me down and now I can really reap the rewards of tons of effort.

      • Thanks for the advice. I’m in my early 20s currently and am constantly trying to find ways to expunge the most out of any and all situations encountered and fight my inner introvert. Christian has helped me a lot in that battle, and now you are as well. Being mindful and focusing on the immediate environment…I’ll definatley work on implementing this. Thanks again for the help. Now to prepare for my trudge up in the mountains this weekend.

    • It doesn’t look like it. I really want to hit up the Blue Mountains and stay away from the coast.

      I’m thinking of doing a Philly/DC trip at some point this year. If more guys show interest, I’ll come down sooner than later.

      • good. A lot of people complain about Toronto being the worst for gaming but they have never been to DC

  2. Goldmund, when will you be coming up to la Belle Province again? We gotta party in Montreal brother, Im turning 18 June 2 would be crazy if you were here!

    • I’m certainly going to come up at some point for a long weekend. Montreal is one of my favorite cities in North America and not too far away from where I live. My favorite things about the place:

      -women are beautiful
      -city layout is perfect
      -bike friendly
      -quality food
      -music scene
      -good weed
      -social atmosphere
      -I’m a true New Yorker and the girls love it
      -women are beautiful

      Will be sure to make an announcement before I come back up, maybe plan for a meetup. September/October seems like it could work.

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