Washington Square: Daygame Playground in NYC

This famous spot in Manhattan has a reputation that precedes itself. And that bodes well for anyone looking to daygame.

Typical Weekday

Typical Weekday

Washington Square has always been a haven for counter-culture, rebellion, artists, and free speech. While the 2000’s in NYC have been tame, the vibe here still remains. Any time of day there will be performers, musicians, chessplayers and strange people showing off their eccentricities.

People visit here to get weird and search for new experiences. Black dudes smile, make eye contact, and say “marijuana, you need marijuana?” If you do decide to buy some, they take you for a walk about 6 blocks away to an alley to sell you some schwag.

I used to come frequently as a teen in the 1990’s. It was a joy skipping school, hopping on the train with my skateboard and a few friends, and heading to Washington Square to skate, smoke weed, and hang out all day. It’s a place that will always mean a lot to me and a spot that introduced me to many characters.

Now, entering my heyday of playerdom, the excitement of going to Washington Square is back. The great part of course is that it is always chock-full of girls. NYU surrounds the square and at any time of day, morning or night, you can find girls sitting on the benches or lounging in the lawn.

Hundreds of benches here to find a sitting beauty.

Hundreds of benches here to find a sitting beauty.

My camera game, which is going to return soon, works perfectly in Washington Square. The girls here have free spirits and love to be a part of my ‘photography project’. Even without the camera, it is one of the easiest places in all of NYC to start a conversation.

It’s much less busy than Union Square, a place where you can go any day of the week and see schlubs in daygame bootcamps harassing the females who are passing through. “Excuse me, you look French, are you French?” Over, and over and over again.

Union Square does have potential, but the central location and subway hub make it a much more erratic place where people tend to rush and have a destination.

The more laid back Washington Square is a place where people sit, lounge, and hang out. And what are girls really doing when they are ‘hanging out’ in the park either scratching in a pad or reading a book–they are looking for attention from a charming stranger. “Hey watcha writing?” “Hi, is that a good book?” Boom, those two lines I spit yesterday led to me getting two numbers from two very attractive young women. Easy-peasy.

Another thing is that I’m not worried about the bootcamp schlubs coming to take over. The girls here are extra observant, there is lots of people watching going on, and the schlubbery bullshit would be called out quickly. Plus I think the local performers and weed mongers would run them out when they saw their shit.

So if you are the type who thrives in environments of relaxed energy, has a rebellious side, and loves people, come visit one of my favorite places in all of New York and enjoy the atmosphere.

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Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

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  1. You have a problem with other players improving their game? You’re as much a Schlub as they are. I fail to see how “what are you reading?” is any better than “are you French?” Fuckin dbag

  2. Any guy who is in a bootcamp is a schlub. No question. I used to be one when I used canned openers. You are resorting to someone else’s game, you are not original, you do not think for yourself, you are using training wheels. You are a schlub.

    Accept it and get over it.

    • you act as if “what are you reading?” is such an incredible and original line, that it puts you at the top of the dating pool above everyone else. You think too highly of yourself.

        • girls give out their number like candy, it doesn’t mean shit. It’s easier to give it out and then ignore the guy later than outright reject him. I can say “hey you’re cute, can I have your number so I can call you some time?” and get probably 100 numbers in a few hours. Big fucking deal. How many of these lead to lays? Only reason you get laid more is because you try more, that’s it. Don’t put down others for doing the same. And the fact that you deleted my original comment shows a ton of insecurity.

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