Using a Camera to Meet Girls While Traveling

Recently, a reader came to visit New York and he employed my Camera Game techniques during his trip.

He met tons of girls, got some to go on dates right then and there, and left the city with great memories imbedded in each photograph.

His words:

It is easy. It is worth it. And by god it is magic!!!  As for the social part, I’m showing you mostly the women I approached but there were plenty of dudes that were happy to join in the fun.

New York was a hell of a ride.

He gave me permission to use some of the photos in this post and they are below.

It really makes me happy to read of success stories from guys who use some of my suggestions, take action, and end up having a great experience.

Whether its a young cat from Africa telling me that he uses my stories for fuel before going out at night, a guy from Amsterdam inspired to paint portraits based on my words, or a dude from Australia saying he can’t wait to pass Go Forth around to his friends.

This shit is awesome.

Here are the photos based on one of the suggestions in Camera Game where I describe how to use props.

Remember, if she kisses the prop, she is thinking of kissing you.

Hey, I really like the shape of her boobs.

Just grab her by the neck and pose. Aces.

These were just a few of the many photos taken using Camera Game.

Nearly everyone responds well to it, especially if you take it seriously, and I can honestly say that since I began doing it, my social skills stepped up immensely.

Cheers to all those who have begun using it, and to those who haven’t, consider it seriously because its an extremely rewarding hobby.

Check out Camera Game here.

You can also get a Paperback or any other version on Amazon here.

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