How Taking a Short Trip to a New Town Helps your Game

I just returned from an eventful roadtrip up to Montreal, Quebec, and Burlington, with many stops along the way to swim through rivers, climb waterfalls, and search for moose.

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The entire first four days spent in Montreal I was nursing one of the worst head colds of my life and could only move from the bed to the bath during the day, and my body gave out each night about an hour after dinner.

It was torture being surrounded by French-Canadian beauties and physically not being able to do anything about it.

Although I did get one of my favorite photos during one of those hours while practicing Camera Game.


For a description about what happened here, click the pic to access my Instagram account.

By the time we left Montreal, I was feeling good and energized when we entered Quebec City and had a ball that night making lots of girls laugh and I ended the night hooking up with a German tourist.

After enjoying the rivers North of Quebec we cruised down to the underrated small city of Burlington, Vermont which is located next to Lake Champlain and is packed full of young white college kids with lots of money to burn.

Within our first few hours there I had fun conversations with at least a dozen girls and ended up taking an extremely sexy 19 year old back to my hotel for sex that lasted until the sun came up.

Barring the sickness in the beginning, it was an extremely successful trip.

There is a freeing feeling that results from leaving your home town and arriving in a new place. It forces you to broaden your perspective, think about the life in a larger sense (especially if you are on a long drive or flight), and will make it easier to meet people.

The most successful opening line in the world I’ve ever used works best when I’m somewhere new:

Hi, are you from around here? Can you recommend a good place to go?

Then riff from there. Use whatever you are interested in at the moment: a place to eat, bars, music, Nature, etc…

My friend and I really wanted to see a moose in the wild and were asking girls where the best place to see a wild moose was. This led to a lot of laughs and opened up the conversation in endless ways.

Even if you can’t travel somewhere exotic or very far away, one of the best things you can do to work on your flexibility and create the feeling of freedom is to travel to a new area and chat with strangers.

I don’t go out often with the intention to take girls home in my own neighborhood  (except if she is a Kristen Stewart lookalike:) because I don’t want to build a reputation around where I live. If I want to go out prowling I head to another neighborhood where I don’t know the waitstaff and bartenders in each spot.

When I was growing up, the best parties were always in other towns where I was a mysterious stranger with no reputation. Then I could act however I wanted without the feeling of pre-judgement that people who know you will project.

On the trip I was also able to collect some fodder for the blog that I’ve saved in the drafts folder and will be releasing when the editing gets done.

Topics are:

How to use the Reverse Cockblock (how I was able to infiltrate large groups of girls in Montreal).

Discussing Masculinity During Seduction for a Powerful Effect (how I have been using redpill conversation to make girls think about truth and become more attracted to me at the same time).

Allowing Nature to Build your Masculine and Sexual Presence (what allowed me to seduce a beautiful 19 year old with ease).

Plus, there is an interesting and inspiring story coming from a reader who used Camera Game to seduce beautiful girls AND build his business.

Autumn, my favorite time of year to be in NYC is coming up and I’ll be around for a few months, so if you want some coaching, are interested in learning about Camera Game, or want me to take some profile shots of you, be in touch and we can work something out.

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