Street Photos of Girls and Thoughts on Creativity

Creating something people appreciate is the result and sign of a healthy mind.

It is the opposite of being destructive, which is a symptom of confusion.

I know all about being destructive–to myself, innocent bystanders, any type of perceived authority, helpless animals–rebellious actions gave me a sense of control when I didn’t understand the conflict going on between my thoughts and the way the world worked.

Thankfully, before getting killed or jailed, things worked themselves out (through hypnotism, therapy, drugs, meditation, and solitude), and the rebel energy transformed into creative output.

An interesting result of going through a personal hell is that you come out with a unique perspective–which is the source of creativity.

Your insights are your own and you can see things no one has ever seen before, listen to your own voice, and allow it to guide you.

Finding a way to share that voice in order to aide others becomes a responsibility.

If you don’t share it, you’ll know, the energy will have to come out in some form–the urge will be too much to resist.

The number one thing you can do to nurture your creative side is to isolate yourself.

I’ve written an extensive post on what I think is the best book for creative people:

Letters to a Young Poet

And in it Rilke states:

Only the individual who is solitary…when he walks out into the rising dawn or looks out into the event-filled evening and when he feels what is happening there, all situations drop from him as if from a dead man, though he stands in the midst of pure life.

Go somewhere alone, hike a mountain, visit a National Park, swim in a river, visit a new town, do something alone and let your thoughts flow freely. If you are young and it means getting away from close family and friends, its even more important that you do so.

Those are the people who are going to hold you back the most and try to keep you casted in a mold they have built for you psychologically.

It might be the most difficult, but important breakthrough of your life.

And you have to do it alone. 

The first time I vagabonded alone, I went away for months in Australia, and came back a different person.

Family and friends were still the same, doing the same things, following the same routines, and didn’t understand what had happened to me.

And I resented them for it.

That was a mistake that I didn’t realize at the time, but it is a risk you will have to contend with while undergoing personal transformation.

That transformation is a necessary part of maturing, figuring out what your mission in life is, and developing a strong vision.

Which gives rise to purpose.

So Go Forth, strive to understand as much about the world and yourself as possible, and give birth to something the human spirit can relate to.

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This post arose from several related questions that came in from readers.

They represent a good percentage of my audience–young men, highly intelligent, somewhat lost, striving to find meaning and figuring out ways to express themselves.

Hopefully I provided some clues to answer those questions, the hard work is up to you.

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