Starting off With a Bang

She had a book and was sitting alone at the bar.

One curious glance my way as I entered gave me the green light to go right up and say “Is that a good book?”. She smiled, said yes and showed me the cover. Bluebeard by Vonnegut. “Ah, thats the one about the old man with the big secret in his barn”.

Girl lit up like a baby and asked how I knew it. I told her that Vonnegut was like my second father. I read all of his work when I was a teen and he had a huge influence on my worldview. “His writing showed me that it was okay to go up to perfect strangers and say hello–just like this” I said with a smirk.

The girl put her book away, turned her entire body towards me and smiled wide with big doe eyes. I asked if I could join her and she said oh, yes.

We chatted about life and influences that were good and bad. “I embrace the bad influences sometimes, they provide excitement” I told her about how men have an innate need for adventure and excitement. Nowadays there are no wars, no hunting, no fight for survival, “so what else can we do–meet new people and see as much as the world as possible”.

She was comfortable now and hanging onto my words. I could see that all-telling look on her face–her head pointed down slightly and her eyes like big wet orbs looking up at me. “Your kinda cute” I said and she looked down and giggled.

“You think so?”

“Yeah, just look at this soft blond hair (stroked hair), and those big eyes, your silly shoes, and that cute little sweater. You’re alright”

“You think my shoes are silly?!” she said as she hit my arm.

“Yeah, very silly, I can’t believe you go out with those things on” I said while staring right into her eyes and moving closer. “Don’t you care about being attractive?” while putting my hand on her thigh. “Isn’t attraction such a strange thing?” while moving my face close to hers. “You can’t force it, it just comes” and then I pulled her towards me for a deep 20 second kiss. I stopped kissing and pulled away, smirked at her and said “wow, that was intense…lets go out for a cigarette.”

We left hand in hand out to the sidewalk and before having a smoke I kissed her some more. She asked where I lived and I said just a few blocks away.

There was more chatting when we returned and this time she did most of the talking–told me she was an actress. “No wonder, that face is just too cute for real life” and she giggled. “You are driving me really crazy right now, I’m just full of energy”. She said that she was too and I told her that I had a tonic that was from the Amazon.

It is a mixture of guarana, cacoa, and maca. They are herbs from the rainforest that are an aphrodisiac. I bought them in the city of Iquitos–in the most insane market I have ever been in. The picture on the bag features a tribal chieftain with a big long spear that he is holding straight up. Around him are topless girls of his tribe. The chief was expected to fuck all of the girls–if he couldn’t then his role as chief would be in jeopardy–and this mixture of herbs was supposed to help him perform.

“We should go have some on my roof” she agreed, packed up her things, and we walked the five blocks to my place. During the walk back we passed a small park. I told her how during the day there were dozens of horny birds and they were all either fighting or fucking each other. “Thats all they do: fuck, fight, fuck, fight, fuck, fuck, fuck, fight, fight, fight.” She laughed and said how much she loved this time of year. My dick got hard and we kissed again.

We got to my place and I held the door open for her so she was in front of me when we started to walk up the stairs. She said “thank you” and I responded “You know the real reason I held the door open?” …”I just wanted to SEE THAT ASS” and grabbed on her ass as she jumped up the steps. I kept chasing after and grabbing bites of that juicy butt and she was giggling the whole time. We got to the third floor and I stopped her completely to grab her ass fully and make out some more. I bit on her neck and she was melting at this point.

Stumbled into my apartment and went straight for the bedroom. I was kissing her on the chest and neck and put my hands up her skirt to feel her. Panties soaked with thick juice. I rubbed her pussy for a bit and she said “hold on, I have to go to the bathroom” and went to the bathroom to do whatever girls do when they go to the bathroom before sex.

I put on my sex lamp, lit a candle, and threw on my sex music playlist before she came back. When she did I was sitting on the bed and she came right over. We undressed and had surprisingly passionate sex. She came three times and afterwards asked me if I felt her come. I said yeah, it was awesome.

And meant it.


About Goldmund

Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.