I’m still trying to figure out what this is all about.

A lot of my time is spent exploring the world through the things I find the most meaning in–Nature, Art, and relationships with people (especially females).

Most readers respond to my stories and insights about sex and seduction (plus they are a helluva lot of fun to write about) so this blog has always had a focus on those subjects.

One of the best summary’s of what I’m attempting to accomplish here was sent in by a recent reader of my first book Go Forth:

I want to say Thank You mate. Your book was nothing less than inspirational. The way you see life is refreshing and your view of women is beautiful. Its not soulless pickup bullshit but it encouraged me to go out and live life to the max and attract girls that way…keep up the inspiring work.

Why the pen-name ‘Goldmund’? Go here.

For a long time I was hampered by social anxiety and depression that was a result of a difficult upbringing, religious hangups, being an outsider, and constantly resisting authority.

I got over this in my late 20s through three major learning experiences:

Learning Game: I love women but never understood them and this led to much frustration sexually and mentally. When I learned what kind of behaviors and attitudes they were attracted to, it was like the lights were turned on in the dark basement I was living in. I crawled out and was able to enter a world of exciting sex and healthy relationships with girls I truly desired. Not only that, but I could embrace my masculinity and act exactly how I wanted without worrying about impressing them. This then allowed my seemingly endless sexual energy to be focused on bigger things in life. Read: Women are Delicious Side-Dishes in the Feast of Life.

A Healthy Relationship: After two years of studying game and dating countless girls, I met one of the most beautiful women I had ever encountered. A 22 year old model from Paris who grew up with a great family and had a strong mind. We lived together for almost two years and she inspired me to become a better man while I was the rock she clung to while navigating an uncertain future. Having such an intimate relationship with a high quality person also made me realize my own value.

Ayahuasca: I went for my first ceremony in early 2014 and was shown the deep workings of my personal Universe. One of the many ‘spirits’ I met revealed that I should not be afraid to write again–its what started this blog. Another vision showed me that a new chapter in my life was about to begin and I needed to start that journey alone–I ended my relationship after I returned home and begun a transformation.  Read more about Ayahuasca here and here.

Those three major events led to understandings that freed my mind from traps of confusion and lack of self-awareness. Hence the Unleashed portion of the blog title.

In my life I’ve held many titles and jobs including: pizza maker, delivery boy, skate/snowboard instructor, pet photographer, Bible student, window washer, frog catcher, lab assistant, radio DJ, freelance writer, sculptor, artist, consultant, teacher, bartender, author, life coach, and professional asshole.

I have a M.A. from Columbia University and my undergrad study there included psychology, science, philosophy, and art–all of which I have taught in some form at college and high school levels.

Now, if I’m not traveling somewhere new, you can find me writing, coaching, and slinging drinks in Brooklyn, New York.

Check out my books here.

I hope to keep on living and exploring in order to come new understandings–these will be shared in a hope to inspire and entertain.

This is a celebration of the life.



*and yes, thats regular old mail com, not gmail.

Goldmund Painting

An acrylic painting from a reader in Europe. I like it.

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Post where I describe how the whore who interviewed me in the below video and then robbed me when we got back to my Airbnb spot is here.

Post related is about my ayahuasca experience, here.

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  1. You are an amazing writer, and I thank you for all the thoughts you share. They are useful at best, and entertaining at worst.

    However, I think what you are doing with your “girls” section—showing their faces, following by captions that are mostly unflattering about them—is not a humane idea.

    • Point considered.

      After traveling through Africa and seeing true poverty and inhumane acts, I have no compassion for attention seekers.

      I make sure to tell the girls that the photos may end up in a public gallery. That’s our verbal contract.

      • I see your point. But maybe one of these attention seeking girls does something really humane and noteworthy in her free time, maybe those starving in Africa would turn into gluttonous assholes at the flip of a coin.

        Just how do we know enough to judge?

        • I agree with LWTBP. You told them that their photos would end up in a public gallery. You did not mention the unflattering captions that would accompany the photos. I think they agreed to it not knowing that you would post about the sexual encounters or anything unflattering. You can’t really judge a person just within a few minutes of meeting them. We all seek attention one way or another.

          Good blog though, other than that. Really enjoy reading it. Keep up the good work!

          • After years of doing this, and this website hitting levels of popularity I never imagined, I have included the photos without any unflattering captions.

            It is better in the long run.

            People can take what they want from my work.

  2. I’d be interested in your POV on game for married men in the 21st century. When I was younger, single and relatively affluent I had had a decent amount of game. Later, by choice I married primarily to have children with an intelligent and beautiful woman. Now, >10 years later I’m finding one has to choose between becoming Homer Simpson or reclaiming some game (broadly defined). Is it possible? Ethical? What would it look like? And I’m not talking about more money or power Im talking about true manly game (or are old men just that-old and so we just shouldn’t care)?

    • I’d say you should try to do anything to avoid becoming another Homer Simpson. From personal experience I found that game truly did change the way I lived life…and because of that, I avoided contact with people I was once close to in order to grow.

      You can utilize game at any age–thats the beauty of being a man. And the world is such a gigantic place with so many things to do, you can keep exploring possibilities long in to old age.

      Reclaiming it as an older man would probably start with an exercise regiment, a new wardrobe with some incredible suits, and some cool new hobby. Then just start saying hi to younger girls.

      The great thing about the older guys I coach is that they usually don’t have much anxiety because they have already seen and been through so much in life. Its more of a matter of becoming physically attractive through exercise and style and having exciting things going on in life. Then talking to chicks is the easy part.

  3. Interesting website. It’s quite creative that you brought up the camera game in your other post. I mean it’s good way to connect with women by tapping into their mind and arousing their fantasies. Pictures can be thousand words and it can also evoke emotions, memories, and feelings.

  4. Here is an inspiring role play between master and servant that I have written in response to this inspiring indeed website:
    Master: Go forth, servant, and discover the…VAGINA and return when you have received word!
    Servant: I found it, sir!
    Master: And what did it say young servant?
    Servant: Well, it queefed sir.
    Master: Queefed? What is that?
    Servant: Well, that word actually came out of the woman’s mouth my lord…
    Master: Oh, well for God’s sake I never understand what they say…?!)!)’nebsvbsnbsv!!?!??!??!

    The End.

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