Roadtrip Around the Southeast United States, July 2017

It is going to be an interesting Summer.

I’m fleshing out a trip that will take me around the South during the month of July.

Right now the schedule is looking something like this:

**These dates are tentative and are begging to change**

Miami: June 28–July 1

Tampa: July 1, 2

Gainesville: July 3

Atlanta: July 4–7

Nashville: July 5–8

Asheville: July 9

Hatteras/NC Coast: July 10–15

Charleston: July 16, 17

Savannah: July 18, 19

St. Augustine: July 20, 21

Miami: Until I leave.

Roadtrips are my favorite way to travel because they are so flexible. I plan on stopping in some small towns along the way based on recommendations from people I meet (or internet based suggestions).

Right now its looking like I’ll have a meetup in Atlanta, because a lot of people have been in touch from there–I’ve never been exploring in Atlanta before and am looking forward to it.

If you are along the route and want to be in contact, go ahead (best way to reach me is goldmundunleashed (at) mail (dot) com), comment here, or DM me on Twitter.

I also appreciate suggestions on interesting things to do while on the road, I enjoy the strange and bizarre, so if you know/can provide of anything along the lines of:

  • spectacular geological features
  • fishing spots
  • shooting guns (its the south, c’mon!)
  • place to hike/observe wildlife
  • rafting/canoeing (will be done in Asheville)
  • caves
  • a must see church service
  • a real witch
  • high quality hallucinogens
  • unique local cuisine
  • out of the way dive-bars
  • natural hotsprings

There is a good chance that if you think something is awesome and/or interesting, I’ll appreciate it, so let me know.

**I get most of my entertainment from real life and find the bark of a tree more fascinating than most Hollywood movies**

-Or, if you have a place for me to crash, we can work something out-

I know there are girls out there who read my stuff–don’t be scared! I’m a fucking gentleman in person.

I can’t promise we won’t steal a cab.

This trip will be documented in a project that I’m very excited about.

My skills will be utilized in the best way possible:

  • creating a good story everywhere I go
  • vivid writing based on those stories
  • beautiful photographs
  • poorly produced videos with interesting content

And these will come together in something that I’ve never seen done before, but have always wanted to enjoy.

This is shaping up to be another epic journey into the unknown, and as always, I can’t wait to discover what unfolds.

Be in touch Southerners!

About Goldmund

Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

24 comments on “Roadtrip Around the Southeast United States, July 2017

    • I doubt I’ll make it that far North, but thanks anyway. Caves are always something I ask people about. Sometimes they point me to weird ones that aren’t monitored and quite dangerous.

  1. Looks like a great trip. I’ve been to all but two of those places: Nashville and Hatteras / Outer Banks. If you’re going to be doing Gainsville, FL, you should do Athens, GA when you come to Atlanta.

    • I lived for a short stint in St. Augustine and know the area a bit. Enjoyed that town.

      Met one of Bukowski’s old girlfriends there and she showed me some pictures of him and all the girls that he surrounded himself with. They were very dirty photographs.

      • What was Bukowski girlfriend doing in St. Augustine? I associate Bukowski with LA. That had to have been really interesting. It’s funny how some good looking girls like his writing.

        • Yeah, the girls in the photos were really sexy and he was fingering a couple at the same time.

          Don’t know what he was doing–I think he had a studio and some friends there in the 70s.

  2. From one of the few native Floridians:

    spectacular geological features – Devil’s Den
    near Gainesville, snorkeling and scuba only

    fishing spots – any private lake around Clermont for bass, or the lakes on Campus at UCF if school is out for a few good bites

    shooting guns – Shoot Straight Apopka if you need rentals, free public range in Ocala Forest but don’t go alone, forest can be very rough

    place to hike/observe wildlife – Payne’s Prairie near Gainesville, cooler parts of year DeLeon Springs

    rafting/canoeing – Wekiva River near Sanford, Itchetucknee River near Branford

    caves – Kentucky

    a must see church service – First Baptist Columbia SC is quintessential southern and good, 300person choir, traditional. Hardcore bible preaching – Bible Baptist in Deland (famous for street preachers). Any rural Pentecostal Holiness would be an experience. Our Lady of La Leche in Alachua was a site founded by the Spanish in the 1500s but regular Catholic.

    a real witch – the town of Cassadega near Deland is a spiritualist community founded by a New Yorker in the 1870s. Not “witchcraft” they will tell you, but many licensed mediums

    high quality hallucinogens – yo no se amigo

    unique local cuisine – rural back roads for gator tail and frog legs, rattlesnake in rural meat markets. Of course “The Yearling” restaurant in Micanopy where Marjorie Rawlings wrote her book

    out of the way dive-bars – in rural Florida I would be hesitant going without a local

    natural hotsprings – we only have cold springs in Florida. Salt Springs, Troy Springs (old Confederate ship scuttled there) but you want snorkel gear.

    • Thanks for the local tips man, thats exactly what I am looking for.

      Going to hit up a ton of springs on my drive through FL and do a lot of snorkeling for sure. I’ve got a mask and snorkel with me.

      Payne’s seems cool, I’ll probably do a hike there while I’m around.

      Those church services seem like good ones, will certainly look into those some more.

      While I lived in St. Augustine I visited Cassadega and did a seance there…whoo boy, shit got intense. They don’t fuck around over there.

      I’m all set with the hallucinogens;)

      Definitely going to try and eat some gator, frogs and snakes as much as I can.

      Sticking to the dives in major cities, I know from experience how territorial and dangerous the rural places can get–hitting on the girls there can get you killed.

      Great input man, much appreciated.

      **If you or anyone knows exactly where I can get some gator or other game meats along the way, please let me know…I’ll be going to St. Petersburg, then Orlando, then Gainesville, then up to Atlanta.**

  3. Hmm, Asheville:

    -On Target rents fully auto Mp-5 for use on their indoor range (iirc, 35 an hour, you buy the ammo)
    -Rafting, two kinds a slow tubing and actual whitewater to the North of town, a good 2 hr drive let alone the rafting
    -Hot Springs, where the rafters put in DOES have mineral springs of the 80 ish degree variety. If in town for a day..the Springs are 20 miles from outside of town at least.
    -Real Witch..Celtic Way Downtown
    -Church Service, hmm,..AME Zion on Hill St,
    -Thomas Wolfe House, Wolfe and Fitzgerald used to get smashed downtown. his house literally sits in the middle of downtown, all of these cement buildings..and then this lil yellow house with a porch swing
    -Dive bar..if downtown, try the Yacht Club or Tiger Mtn or Ol’ Shakey’s or the Odditorium
    -Blue Ridge Parkway, Graveyard Fields

    If you come to Asheville on the 10th, there is a burlesque show on Monday’s

    Downtown is packed with tourists from all over the world, lots of uhm trippy stuff, and locals are down usually. Problem imo in Asheville is everything outdoors is spread outside of the packed with people downtown. A raft trip and staying in Hot Springs means 7-8 hours in the middle of nowhere, then a hour or so ride into town.

    Happy hunting

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