Dockers Alpha Khaki

These are the fucking pants that revolutionized my look.


The fit is supreme, not skinny, not too loose, just right.

They are what I usually wear on a night out, or during the day when I am finding girls with the camera.

I have 5 pairs in all different colors–the light ones are for the daylight hours–and the dark ones are for prowling at night.

They are also just a smidgen tight and highlight the outline of my cock, I catch chicks looking at it all the time. *Smirk

More stylish than jeans, but just as comfortable, these pants will end up replacing everything else you wear when wanting to look good.

Buy them here.

They don’t run big or small, so get your most accurate size.

2 comments on “Dockers Alpha Khaki

  1. Yo man keep it up with these style posts. These pants + boots you recommended are totally in line with my style. Would love to see what else you recommend!

  2. You’ve sold me but I’d like you to go more in depth. What colors do you have, what do you wear them with (color of shirts, shoes, jackets, etc), and what occasions do you wear certain things?

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