Dalton Boot

These boots can be heard clacking down the street from a block away.


That gets the chicks attention.

And when they are all polished up, wow do they pop.

Compliments from girls at the bar, on the subway, and at parties are common.

They go perfectly with dark pants and will enhance any outfit you pair them with.


They do get pricey around $400 but they are certainly worth it.

The great thing about the Allen Edmonds company is that they will replace the soles and repair the leather for $100, so the boot will last for life if you keep taking care of them.

Buy them a 1/2 size smaller than usual here.

5 comments on “Dalton Boot

    • Awesome man, thanks.

      The company just makes them smaller than others. The guys in the NYC shop told me this and when I got fitted, sure enough, a size smaller than usual fit perfect.

      Plus the leather in them really does conform and stretch to your foot. They are the most comfortable boots I have.

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