The fastest, most immediate way you can increase your confidence and overall attractiveness is by improving your style.

I used to not really care about fit, textures, colors, or situational-appropriate dress.

Now, I pay attention to every detail. 

It all started a few years ago when I began dating a model from Paris. She took me shopping, showed me clothes that fit proper, dressed me up in layers, explained how texture worked, and transformed the way I looked.

It was the perfect time to get an overhaul, I had just turned 30 and wanted to start dressing like a grown man.

And the effects were immediate. Every girl at work complimented my new look, I was being eyefucked on the street more and more, and I felt an increase in confidence because I knew I looked good.

It even caused me to hit the gym hard. I wanted to fill out the form fitting shirts and give myself presence.

It worked.

Almost every time I go out to meet girls, I get a comment on the way I look and carry myself. Now, its not uncommon for girls to approach me (using a comment on my style) whereas a few years back, before my appearance improved, it was hardly ever.

This is huge–think about the way you look–understand that it projects to the world how you feel about yourself and tells everyone you are a man who cares about the details.

Women will be drawn to your presence and men will respect you for it.

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Here are some staples of mine that work:

Allen Edmonds Dalton Boot

Dockers Alpha Khaki

Timex Weekender Watch

Slim Bifold Wallet

Braun Cruzer


2 comments on “Style

  1. You definitely to have write a post about your experience with this french model. I’m very intrigued about

    – Paying attention to every detail
    – Proper Fit
    – Dressing up in layers
    – How texture works

    • Will do for sure, thanks for the suggestion. Style means a lot to me and is an interesting subject to explore.

      And French models are always fun to write about…have one coming over in a few hours for ‘wine, Kubrick, and a massage’ she replied ‘Oui, that sounds perfect;)’

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