Most food in the West is shit.

Processed garbage that will harm your cells, suck your energy, and weaken your mind.

Although there are plenty of amazing places to eat in cities like New York, I can’t afford to go out every night and feast on oysters and filet mignon.

Nor would I want to.

The joy of cooking up a healthy and delicious meal at home is enormously satisfying.

You know exactly what goes in to your food, exactly how long to prepare it, and can manipulate the flavors exactly how you want them.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Here I am going to post up some of my favorite recipes. Most of them will be quick and economical, some will be more elaborate, but I can promise you that all of them be tasting delicious and have you feeling good.

Most of what I eat is considered ‘paleo’ and I have read a few books on the diet. My body agrees with it completely (I lost most extra fat after cutting out carbs) and it aligns with my spiritual beliefs. So if you wanna jump on that bandwagon, these concoctions will be right up your alley.

Spicy Lamb Chili

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