Water Shoes

I love flowing water.

Its something I have been drawn to since I was a child and its a place where decisions are made, ideas are created, and the spirit is rejuvenated.

On my Summer 2015 trip around the country one of the greatest things I brought with me was a pair of water shoes.

water shoes



Most rivers can be navigated easily and are some of my favorite places to hike.

The shoes allow you walk through them with ease, get away from crowds of people, and find some space to be alone and enjoy Nature fully.

Most bare-footed individuals will not risk walking through a river for very long and these shoes give you the freedom to explore places that would be inaccessible without them.

They have added much joy and freedom to my journeys and its amazing how such a simple and underrated product canĀ improve your quality of life.

Highly recommended to get some of decent quality like these.

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