Mattress Encasement

If you are going to be sleeping with a lot of girls, your mattress is going to take a beating.

Pussy juice, cum, blood, and other bodily fluids part of the sexual experience will be soaking through your sheets after you roll over and pass out after a strong session.

Lets face it, unless you are with a serious squirter, chances are you are not going to switch up the sheets right after good sex.

You don’t want the creamy moistures seeping down into your mattress fibers and breeding nasty forms of life because that is truly disgusting.

I highly recommend purchasing a waterproof mattress encasement to keep the genital liquids from sinking into your sleeping area.

There is a cotton top to it and sheets slip right over so it doesn’t feel like you are sleeping on plastic.

It also keeps bedbugs from making their home in the mattress so you don’t have to replace it in case you bring home someone who is a host to those annoying bloodsuckers.

Purchase a good cover here. (make sure you get the right size)