Dry Erase Board

In order to make ideas real, I need to write them down.

Not punch them into a computer or use my phone–they have to be written out by hand or else they don’t mean that much.

My books and most of my blog posts are drafted first by hand and then edited as they get typed.

There are dozens of notebooks around my apartment that contain handwritten notes, stories, ideas, goals, lists, and everything else.

I like to make lists of goals for the day, but don’t like how much paper gets wasted in the process.

A few months back I solved this by getting a dry erase board for my workspace.

Daily Goals

Its a great way to keep track of your short & long term goals.

There is something very satisfying after erasing a task once it has been accomplished.

Its one way that I have been able to become more productive.

I highly suggest getting one and using it to maximize your time.

Purchase one here.