Dahon D7

Mobility is important if you value freedom.

I don’t have a car in NYC–its much more of a hassle to have one due to parking, traffic, theft, and maintenance.

When the weather is nice, I get around the city mostly by bike and love it.

Whenever traveling somewhere new, I always try and see the city by bike before anything else. This usually entails renting one or using one of the cities public sharing systems…which can sometimes be a hassle.

On my trip around the United States I brought along a Dahon D7. It is a bike that can fold up and easily stored in the backseat or trunk of the car (I would recommend storing it in the trunk so scumbag thieves don’t bust your window and steal it like they did to me).

It folds up in about 10 seconds and rides just like a regular bike.

Thats the part that really surprised me. It rides just as stable and fast as a full sized bike and can keep up with anyone.

I’d recommend getting one with fenders and a rack on the back–such as the Mariner version. The rack is very convenient, you can strap a twelve pack of beer on it without a problem, and the fenders allow you to ride around in the rain without getting splashed.

If you are considering taking a trip, I would highly, highly recommend taking one of these bikes along with you. It has greatly enhanced my mobility, sense of freedom, and enjoyment.

Buy one here.

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