Cold Eye Mask

Have you ever woken up, looked at your face in the mirror and seen some ungodly puffiness around the eyes and redness around the pupils?

Lord knows I have many, many times. This lifestyle of late nights, hard drinks, lotsa smokes and energetic women will do that.

It really sucks when I have to work the next day and I have a presentation to give or a client to meet. I can always detect when a person has had a rough night and don’t like having people suspect that I was hammered and balls deep in a strange girl just hours before.

Another way to remedy the evidence on your face, after coffee, aspirin and some eyedrops, is to use a cold facial/eye mask.


Yeah, they look gay and I’m sure more girls use them than guys, but good god do they work.

You keep them in the freezer, take them out when needed and within minutes the puffy eyes will have subsided. They are also great for headache relief.

Depending on how bad and how fast I need to fix my face, I either stack two up–the beaded one goes under and the gel one goes over for extra cold and pressure.


Or I just walk around with the beaded one and can get dressed and ready to go, the eye holes let you see out of it.

If there is some time to kill, the gel one can be put on and you just lie down and wait for it to work its magic.

These masks are a great, little know secret to looking your best, even after a night of doing your worst.

Get the gel one here and the beady one here.

Thank me later.

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