Neti Pot

First, a funny story:

I was running around different bars in Brooklyn one night when I came across a cute Jewish chick wearing a shiny blue shirt. After making fun of her shirt, she started flirting back and I knew it was on.

We left and went to another bar with a backyard where I sat real close to her and started rubbing her thighs. She told me she lived close by and wanted to smoke some weed, I said “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s get high” and she said ok but we were not having sex. Of course not.

She lived in one of the giant new condo buildings off the East River and had a magnificent view of Manhattan. She told me to be quiet because her German roommate was sleeping. It was true, I could hear him snoring through the wall. I told her it sounded like he needed a Neti Pot, and she muffled her laughter.

We went through her messy room and into the bathroom. She turned on the light and fan and started packing a bowl. On the bathroom wall was a giant picture of her in black and white.

In the photo she was jumping really high with her knees bent so both her heels were touching her ass, her mass of hair was blowing behind her, there was a huge smile on her face. She was on the Great Wall of China. She was completely naked.

She saw me go over to inspect the picture closer. A big black jewish bush covered her vagina and she had one arm over her tits to cover her nipples. And the Great Wall of China snaked for miles behind her.

I said, “that looks like fun” and we hit the bowl. While blazing out I told her that I was proud because I had just fought off a sinus infection naturally by using a Neti Pot. She said “Neti, Pot, you don’t need a Neti Pot, watch!”

She turned the sink on, scooped a bunch of water in her cupped hand, and snorted the water like a line of coke up one nostril. My eyes bulged. She started coughing and I started laughing.

I went over to her to pat her back and make her laugh. I told her to look at the picture and think happy thoughts, what kind of nut would get naked on the Great Wall and sniff water up their nose? She started laughing, we started kissing.

I love banging while high.

That’s my Neti Pot bang story, now lets get serious:

You need a clear mind to run game well. You need a clear mind to do anything well.

When there are blocks, whether they be memories of past failures, social anxiety, your ego, crippling nervousness, an overactive mind–they can all hinder you and be the factor that holds you back from success.

Those hindrances are all possible to get over through hard work, reading the right words and applying them, and knowing that you can overcome.

There are other hindrances at work in your body. Physical ones that can be flushed out with the right tools. Most of the time this tool is going to be food or drink, but in this case, you can cleanse yourself with a Neti Pot.


Yes, it looks ridiculous, it can be uncomfortable at first, you certainly don’t want to use a Neti Pot in front of people, but there is a reason it has been used for 1000’s of years.

The idea is simple. You fill the Neti Pot with a mixture of salt and water, lift the spout into one nostril, tilt your head over a sink, and let the water flow through your sinuses and out the other nostril. Do this for about 20 seconds, and then switch sides and put the spout in the the other nostril.

It cleanses your sinuses and nasal passages like nothing else. This allows for clear breathing. Clear breathing allows for clear thinking.

I have battled sinus infections my entire life, and if I feel one coming on, the Neti Pot fights it off. I have not had one infection since using the Pot.

Living in New York puts a lot of dust and particles in the air. Breathing them in is inevitable. The Neti clears them out, you can see the gunk get washed away down the sink and its a satisfying sight.

If you use it in the morning, it wakes you up immediately. I like to use mine before going out to game. It makes me alert and energetic. And its a funny topic of conversation to have with girls.

Spiritual teachers in India have been using this method of cleansing for millennia. It works. Yes, it is not comfortable, but when has comfort made you stronger? I would advise anyone looking to improve themselves, stay healthy, think clearly, and live masterfully to start using a Neti Pot.

Buy one here. Don’t forget the salt.


  • don’t use water that is too hot
  • only put a small amount of salt in, make sure it is proper sea salt
  • you may need to adjust your head a lot before finding the right angle
  • keep it clean and always rinse it out with hot water before use
  • afterward, do some breathing exercises to raise your energy level
  • don’t be afraid if it is a little uncomfortable, its only water
  • relax while doing it or the water won’t flow, relax
  • notice how much brighter your eyes are after, remember that when gaming

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  1. I get consistent sinus infections, once a year right as the weather warms up. I’ve used one of these in the past, but not consistently. Going to try this.

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