Canon Rebel T4i

The camera I use now.


The T4i was recommended by a professional photographer who understood my style and what I needed.

And it is perfect.

You can get whatever camera you want, all SLR’s are pretty much the same now when it comes to performance and quality.

Photography is all about the person behind the lens, the equipment doesn’t matter that much.

The T4i is so awesome because it is so simple–but can be adjusted and tweaked to the level of top professionals.

Girls love it because it is designed to look like a sexy extension of your body–one that amplifies your sense of sight.

(And I truly believe they get turned on when they see the lens zoom in and out).

I love it because the feel in your hands is perfect and makes you want to keep taking photos. This is not some dinky point-and-shoot, this is a machine that gets work done.

This model is a step above the T3i, mostly because of the touch screen feature, which makes using it easy. You can zoom in and flip through photos with lightning speed, and adjust the focus while you are at weird angles.

I cannot foresee any camera coming out in the near future that will be able to surpass this one in terms of functionality, ease of use and quality.

Nerds will go on and on about every feature, I’m not.

I’m just going to say that this is the best affordable goddamn camera in the world right now and if you are interested in photography at all, you should get one.

Buy one here.

6 comments on “Canon Rebel T4i

    • I would love to play around with more styles, but I also know how expensive a Camera hobby can get. Keeping it simple until someone is willing to sponsor me!

    • Yeah, same equipment I’ve been using for the past three years.

      Nice thing about Canon (and all the quality camera brands), is that their stuff is made to last if you treat it right.

      I have always bought my camera bodies used and have never had any issues with them.

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