Bialetti Moka

Coffee is a gift from the gods. It keeps me going, picks me up when I need a boost, and tastes great.

I was on a search to find the best homemade coffee…I don’t have room for, nor can afford a real espresso maker. And after years of searching, I finally came across one. The Bialetti.


It was brought in to my life by a couchsurfer from Italy. One day, after our morning love session, she made breakfast and prepared coffee out of this little silver machine. It made a wonderful gurgling sound while brewing, filled the kitchen with a fantastic coffee smell, and most importantly, it was as strong and delicious as coffee gets.

Its just a little different from any coffee I have had before, like a perfect mix of regular French Press coffee and espresso combined into a black/slightly grainy liquid.

Its strong–I like to cut it with just a splash of milk and some agave syrup, and it is the perfect after dinner sip. I pair it with a piece of dark chocolate for maximum digestion.

Another perk is that when I have a European girl over she is very very impressed that I even know what a Bialetti is, they are rare in the states, probably because people here don’t like their coffee strong.

The Bialetti looks really good sitting on the stove top. It has a classic design and a great aluminum finish. I’m proud to have it always on display.

The way it works is ingenious. The water you put in the bottom heats up and creates steam. The steam creates enough pressure to force the hot water up through the coffee grounds and into the top part of the pot. Because the coffee is brewed at such a high temperature, it is much stronger than your typical brew.

I prefer to grind my own beans and buy locally roasted ones, but these are also good.

Get yourself a proper coffee grinder here.

So treat yourself, save money from going to the coffee shop and impress cute European chicks by getting a Bialetti.

Get one here.

**The supplements I add to my coffee for extra sustained energy and rock hard erections are Ginko Bilboa Extract, Ashwagandha, and Coconut Oil.

4 comments on “Bialetti Moka

  1. Love it dude. Do you ever use cold brew coffee as well? I kind of go back and forth between stovetop espresso and my homemade cold brew.

  2. My man, you have revolutionized my morning ritual with this thing. Love the taste, love the smell, love everything about it!

    I haven’t had coffee this strong and tasty at home since my grandfather gave up his decades-old perc. He loves it as well, so I’ll be buying a second one (using your link of course) for his birthday soon.


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