Wild Sardines

A grown-ass man snack.

You can eat these straight from the can like I do most of the time, or mix them in with a salad or scrambled eggs to add an extra punch.

There are innumerable benefits to eating sardines and these have the added bonus of retaining their soft, edible bones inside.

I’d rather get most of my minerals and nutrients from foods rather than supplements, and these fish are crammed with the good stuff.

  • Omega 3
  • Protein
  • Vitamins b12 + D
  • Calcium, Iron, Potassium
  • Much more, its fucking wild fish

After trying multiple sources, I can safely say that the Wild Planet brand is by far the best, in both nutritional content (they are wild caught), safety (they use BPA free cans), and taste–they are so much more meaty and flavorful from cheaper brands like Bumble Bee.

These are great to take with you when traveling, you can bring them on the plane and not have to worry about finding a healthy snack at the airport.

I haven’t found the Wild Planet brand in stores and order them off of regularly off of Amazon, here.