Himalayan Salt Lamp

Good lighting is one of the most important elements in a bachelor pad. It completely changes the atmosphere and can make a very simple living area seem sexy and inviting.

My Brooklyn apartment is designed so that when I take someone home, there is no choice except to head right in to my bedroom to relax and get some peace and quiet.

I’ve had a few ‘sex-lamps’ before and placed them right next to the bed for better lighting. Those all got destroyed in the heat of passion, including my most recent one, and before I went out to get another I did a little more research in order to switch things up.

I had heard some good things about Himalayan Salt Lamps and read up on them some more. They are made of pure salt rocks from the Himalayas–there are almost endless amounts of this stuff on the planet so they are priced very cheap. A light bulb is placed in the center of the rock (some big rocks are hollowed out, and sometimes its just a basket of smaller rocks that surround the light). Not only do they give a soft glow that is perfect for setting the mood–but they are also said to release ‘negative ions’ in to the air.


Sometimes I’m interested in hokey-pokey, pseudo-spiritual sort of things, but on this one I was pretty skeptical. I just wanted something different to light my bedroom and I also thought a lit up rock would be a cool talking point with girls. They put their faith in invisible ‘ions’ just as much as they believe astrology so you can blab on as much as you want about it.

But something invisible and mysterious did occur when the salt rocks were activated.

As soon as the lamps started being used, I noticed something about the air in my room. There has been construction going on right across the street from my building and ever since then a soft ‘buzz’ has permeated the atmosphere in the neighborhood. It was usually just enough to be slightly annoying but  sometimes it would get so bothersome that I had trouble going to sleep. When I started using the lamps, the buzz in the air all but disappeared and it was silent at night. So since this very scientific and detailed experiment, I have kept the lamps on 24 hours a day. Not only do they provide a soft light that can be dimmed so it isn’t troubling when I’m trying to sleep, but they also serve as interesting little pieces of art from Nature.

My favorite is the large stone with the light inside. The baskets of smaller stones are cool as well, but when I order another one, it will certainly be the large, single stone.

Buy one here.

*Combine these lamps with Epsom Salt baths and you can harness even more power from the Earth.