Chia Seeds

You want to know the most efficient way to cut your weight–the biggest secret that will work without fail–the ONLY thing that will have your body looking like Adonis?

Eat less.  

That’s all folks, don’t put so much food in your mouth.

I used to be a slave to my appetite and eat way more than I needed to.

It took some serious self-discipline to gain control but now I would rather starve than eat some shitty food.

My portions are managed carefully and I don’t like to get full (unless its a goddamn celebration!) and one food that has me feeling full without the calories is chia seeds.


These little seeds are the same thing cause Chia Pets to grow. Anything that grows that thick and fast is going to be packed with nutrients and minerals.

Chia seeds expand in liquid, they get huge, and one tablespoon dropped in a drink will make you feel very full.


Its a key component to my daily breakfast smoothie.

Read up on them and you will be convinced that they will only do you good.

They are hard to find at regular grocery stores, but you can get them delivered by ordering them here.

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