A good movie can be a powerful experience.

It can open your eyes to new ways of living, elevate your understanding of human nature, and show you the ways of the world.

Although most films that have been made are utter garbage and will do the opposite from the above and harm your mind, there are quite a few gems out there.

One of my useless degrees is in the arts and while obtaining it I was able to study film for a couple of years. This was also right around the time Netflix came out, so I was in a bit of a movie-heaven for a while.

Studying under masters of the art, indulging in different styles, genres, directors and actors was an enlightening time in life.

As I revisit some classics, and view some new ones, I will post films that will bring value to the viewers life.

I don’t like giving away much of the story, its best to go in to most films with a clean slate, but I can guarantee that these will have a good influence.

David Lynch

Robert Altman

Werner Herzog (documentaries)

Woody Allen

Stanley Kubrick

Akira Kurosawa

Volume 1

Obscure Films

Road Trip Movies