The War of Art

If you have a desire to work on something creative but find it hard to get started, you are not alone.

Its something everyone confronts when it comes to expressing themselves and the blocks that come up can prove massive if there is no action.

The War of Art does a fantastic job of describing why these blocks occur, what you can do to overcome them, and how you can keep momentum going.

Its an easy read, and even though I’ve read through more than once, I find myself flipping through numerous times for inspiration. The book is broken up into very small chapters that can be read quickly and applied immediately. Most of the chapters read like short motivational poetry.

What makes the book so effective is that it explains exactly what problems artists face (he calls it ‘resistance’ in the book) and how they solve them. *Hint, the solution is real, it comes from within, and has to do with willpower.

One section of the book that really hits close to home is the part where he describes the jump from thinking like an amateur to having the mindset of a professional. This was the most important change for me when it came to my creative endeavors and enabled me to give 100% focus, dedication, and confidence to what I was working on.

The only downside of the book is that it does seem oversimplified sometimes. But that is also what makes it a great piece to flip through now and then for a jolt of energy.

I highly recommend reading this, even if you are only trying to work on self-improvement. Life is an art in itself and you should always be striving to perfect it. The War of Art will help you do so. Buy it here.