Letters to Emma Bowlcut

Press play.

They seem to come to me
Asking to be broken
They seem to run to me
I break horses
Doesn’t take me long
Just a few well-placed words
And their wandering hearts are gone

That’s game right there motherfuckers.

Bill Callahan is one of my favorite songwriters.

He sings of masculinity, Nature, relationships, sex, truth–and does it with perfectly crafted music playing behind him.

The emphasis on all of his records are his lyrics–he is first and foremost a poet and the other sounds are a background for his words.

Letters to Emma Bowlcut is his first book, and it is a unique and inimitable work.

It is a collection of letters written to a woman that an eccentric man met briefly at a party.

You only read the letters the man writes and gather information through them.

It reads like poetry–the images, feelings and thoughts it produces in the reader are strong and unforgettable.

I keep this book by my bed and have girls read passages out of it sometimes.

They always get turned on by the words.

Not because they are overtly sexual, but the emotions they arouse are impossible to ignore.

I would definitely recommend that you get the paperback version. It is printed on textured paper, the cover art is incredible, and the book itself is a work of art.

This book has been a gift to many many people that I know, and each one has thanked me profusely for it.



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I break horses
I won’t tend to them

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