The Dharma Bums

Jack Kerouac is most famous for his book On the Road–which is a great read and I highly recommend it for anyone who likes adventure and freedom.

But his best work is The Dharma Bums.


It details his time spent living in California with some of the most interesting poets of the 1950’s.

Alva (Allen Ginsberg) and especially Japhy Ryder (Gary Snyder) are portrayed in all their free-thinking, novelty seeking, adventure loving glory.

Japhy is the main focus of the story and he is a student and teacher of Zen Buddhism. Although there is a lot of hippy-dippy bullshit he speaks about, there is also a lot of real wisdom and a lot of it can be related to game and women.

When you read about Japhy’s interactions with girls, its hilarious. He does whatever he wants, orders them to take their clothes off, tells them he wants to fuck, fucks them and goes right back to studying, and has no reservations.

And the women love him for it.

Other than that, this book will have you wanting for an outdoor adventure. That is the best part about it. It is impossible to read without wanting to go and climb the highest mountain around.

That’s why I love reading Kerouac, his zest for life is contagious. His ideas might be half-baked and his writing nonsensical at times–but goddamn he will have you wanting to get off your ass and living this life like its the only one you have.

Buy the Dharma Bums here. And On the Road here.

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