Breakfast of Champions

I don’t know where to start with Kurt Vonnegut.

He was by far the most influential writer in my life and I read every single one of his books as a teenager.

Being knowledgeable about his work gets me laid to this day.

The creativity and storytelling of this man has not been surpassed and his understanding view on life, women, nature, and human relationships will skyrocket your interactions with everyone (especially girls).


Breakfast of Champions is more of an outlook on life, a critique of American culture, and a way of looking at the truth than a novel. The plot doesn’t matter, its the completely original observations that will have you thinking.

All of Vonnegut’s novels are connected in some way, whether it be themes or recurring characters. When you read him, pay attention, make connections, and laugh your fucking ass off.

I would recommend every book of his (especially his non-fiction) with the exception of Player Piano–he wasn’t quite there yet as a writer for that one.

Start with this one, its a good introduction to a brilliant writer.

Buy it here.

9 comments on “Breakfast of Champions

    • It does take a few chapters before you understand the ‘flow’. Most of Vonnegut’s novels are like that because they are all so different from on another in terms of style. Stick with it and you will get a lot out of it.

  1. Just finished the book. it was great, very entertaining, and highly unusual. Loved the hilarious doodles as well. took me exactly a week to finish. I like this author. I think we have the same outlook on culture.. Havn’t read fiction since highschool, but my Goal is finish do a book a week or so.

  2. Vonnegut is great. Girls do respond if ya bring up Vonnegut when discussing g literature. But as a Southerner, I get even better results diecussing Twain. Especially if your accent is smooth.

      • Yes….their cynicism and sarcastic satire. Huckleberry Finn IS my all time favorite since I was 12. It was when I first learned the difference between what is RIGHT and what is merely illegal. Gonna have to make this part of my regular stroll through the ‘Sphere. Good blog. Keep it up.

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