Request for Those who are Near the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st, 2017

The event of a lifetime is coming on Monday, August 21, 2017.

A total Solar Eclipse is happening over a narrow path cutting across the entire United States.

Only in that narrow band on the map will you be able to experience major effects. Outside of that, nothing in the sky will be noticeable.

I was planning on taking a trip to Nashville for the Eclipse, but life got in the way–I’m much too busy making money in New York right now and need to stay put.

There will be more eclipses, and even if I have to travel around the world, I’ll get to one someday.

Since I can’t make it, I have a request for anyone who will be in the path of totality–if you are near it, go!–it might be the kind of life-changing event you need.

My request is this:

During the eclipse, I would like you to take a few photos.

Not just of the Sun being blocked out, there will be plenty of footage of that from professionals–what I really want to see is the reaction on peoples faces during the eclipse.

So point your camera at some expressive people for a bit and try to get good shots of their face (cute girls always welcome!).

No one is going to give a shit that you are taking pictures during an eclipse, so it won’t be weird.

Do that, send me the pictures you get, and I’ll include them in a special blog post (and include some tips on how to read people in the post).

That’s it.

Let me know if you will be there!

About Goldmund

Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

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