How a Redpill Player Stole a Girl who Puts Guys in the Friend-Zone

Writing about my sex life is a strange act.

Say what you want about the moral implications of what I do, when girls I’ve been with read about how I describe the way we met and the seduction process, most of them are fine with it.

I have had girls refuse to see me again after reading what I write, but they have been the small minority.

This one didn’t appreciate my work.

The reason I do this is not to brag, but to give examples of how the seductive act goes down, and to reveal insights that are otherwise impossible to explore.

The things I’ve been able to pull off, the mental fortitude that has been acquired from understanding Game, and the pure, exhilarating fun of it all, makes me want to share what happens when you know truths about the Nature of women and have self-awareness of your role.

I got into Game at 28 years old, went wild for two years exercising my new ‘power’, and fucked as many girls as possible.

Then I met a girl who was the best match for me that I had ever met, ended up dating her for two years, and all that while reading redpill truths for relationships and masculinity and witnessing in real time how it worked in maintaining a healthy relationship.

Then I went to the Amazon, drank ayahuasca with the Shipibo, communicated with invisible realms, and was told to share my experiences and unique voice.

And now here I am.

A very interesting situation went down last night that made me incredibly grateful for others who have put in the work and shared what they have learned–especially Rollo Tomassi–no one has broken down the process better and made it so comprehensive.

I was coming home from another long and hedonistic Playboy Summit Weekend and feeling good.

It was Sunday evening, the weather was pleasant, and being around a group of great guys who were eager to learn had me in extra fine spirits.

A text came in from a friend who said he was hosting some people from out of town and wanted me to join them all for dinner.

I met them at a restaurant and sat down to eat.

At first I thought the two attractive people he was hosting were a couple. They were both from Australia and sitting next to each other at the table. I noticed that the guy was catering to the girl, not standing his ground in conversation, and ended up paying for her.

After dinner we all went to a bar where a band was playing, the girl came over to me and we started to chat. I immediately asked her “so, is that your husband?” and she responded with “oh, no, he’s just a friend” and gave a hungry ‘save me’ look.

We talked passionately for 10 minutes about Australia, then a new band came on and people began to gather near the stage.

The Australian guy stood next to the girl while I walked closer to the front, and after the first song, I looked back and waved her over. She came right away and the guy glared at me like I was Satan.

She stood right in front of me and began dancing a little. While I rubbed my crotch on her wiggling ass, my hands went to her hips, then felt up her flat stomach before caressing her big boobs.

I said into her ear, “I’m going to take you on a date right now” and she looked back and smiled.

We went to the back of the venue, and my friend came up to me and said “hey man, listen, that guy is really upset that you are hitting on the girl”.

“Well she surely isn’t going to fuck him, they aren’t together”

“Yeah, but he paid for her to come out to New York, and last night, he told her that he loved her”

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

While this conversation was going on, the guy went up to the girl and begged her not to leave with me.

At this point, I despised him, especially after my friend informed me that he had referred to me as ‘a creepy predator’, and wanted to teach him a lesson that stung.

Especially since he was taller, better looking, and much more arrogant than me.

We all left the venue, and went to a speakeasy where I know the staff.

They sat in a booth, and I invited the girl out for a cigarette.

While we were out, I had asked her a question that had become popular to ask girls during the Playboy Summit:

So, when was the last time you had sex?

The reactions from this one had been fun to play with all weekend, and was an effective way to screen girls who were up for it, into you, and get them horny in the process.

She responded perfectly with “oh my god, its been too long. Like three months.”

“What?! You know that isn’t healthy right? Your hormones are all off balance, especially when you are in prime baby making age” (she was 23)

“I know, but things have been complicated lately, and I don’t go out much”

“Well, now I feel like its my duty to give you an orgasm, I’m gonna make you come so hard your mind is going to be set free”

I said this while rubbing the inside of her thighs and touching her pussy through her skirt. Then I sniffed her neck, growled, and started to kiss her.

“You know, I come to this place a lot l and have always wanted to fool around in the bathroom, its the perfect size”

I took her by the hand into the bathroom, started kissing her passionately against the wall, propped her up on the sink while fingering her, slipped off her panties, took a condom out of my bag, put it on, and fucked her while saying in her ear “I’m gonna make you fucking come so hard on this sink. Do it.” Until we both came.

Her face was red and we had been gone for about 20 minutes, so when we returned to the table, I’m 100% sure that everyone knew what just went down.

The guy didn’t say a word while the rest of us chatted about sex over drinks, and when I got up to go home, he didn’t say goodbye.

As I was leaving I told my friend to mention The Rational Male to him.

I went home and caught up on much needed sleep from a wild weekend.

Major lessons found in this one, and they are so clear because a few years ago, I could picture myself being in the loser’s situation (I wouldn’t go so far as to pay for a chick to fly across the world, but I’ve done some extremely pathetic things in attempts to woo girls).

I don’t consider myself a textbook ‘Alpha’, although I do have the mindset that I can do and say whatever the fuck I want. If anything, I’d be more in the Rebel/Sigma camp.

That allows me to act in ways people consider weird or unacceptable and get away with it.

I’ve always been like that in most aspects of my life, allowed it to determine my professional choices, and leveraged it to make money.

**Creating a blog like this is a perfectly Sigma thing to do**

The problem was when it came to women. I never felt I could say what I really wanted and express my near boundless sexual energy around them.

Game taught me that girls are incredibly sexual creatures, love being dirty, think about sex often, need it, and want to get fucked by men who are wild.

I’m sure the Australian guy never thought the girl was capable of having sex in a bar bathroom by a stranger, yet it happened right under his nose.

Its hard to think of a bigger example of getting friend-zoned than this guy who had spent 1000s of dollars on the girl to confess his ‘love’ for her, only to be cucked by some Playboy she just met.

I’ve been friend-zoned before and remember it being some of the most frustrating, mentally clouding times of my life. This guy was seething with anger so bad, he couldn’t even speak–or attempt to fight.

The friend-zone is anguishing. Overcoming it happened when I started reading stories like the one above, started assuming every girl has slutty tendencies and will use weak guys for money, attention, gifts, or whatever it is that they are lacking.

If the dude was cool about the situation and humble enough to talk to me like an adult about it, I would have gladly given him some advice and probably just got the girls number at some point and arranged to meet her privately.

Ego is the reason most people stay bluepill, you have to be honest with yourself and admit when something is wrong. And then find ways to fix it.

A good way to control the ego is to experiment with hallucinogens, I break down the ones that have helped me the most in this post.

I love it when everything I’ve learned about redpill truths comes together and is witnessed in real time.

This story is a perfect example.

To read more stories in greater detail, check out my book Art of the One-Night Stand, where I break down each pick-up through a redpill lens and do it very, very thoroughly.

Get the book here.

Or on paperback from Amazon here.

**Be sure to check out the detailed breakdown of the above that Rollo wrote up on his site here.

**And the part two of the series here (incredible post, it’ll make you think).

About Goldmund

Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

22 comments on “How a Redpill Player Stole a Girl who Puts Guys in the Friend-Zone

  1. The Aussie guy is the polar opposite of the guys we met at the Players Summit. Girls don’t want nice guys (saw this first hand in NYC). They want men who will be a rock to them and excite them. Good read!

    • Agreed, we had a great group of strong guys who were willing to take what they wanted. Great times.

      Be an exciting rock, these damn girls want it all….haha

  2. Great read! I’ve never quite been the Aussie guy but I have been you in a few of my own scenarios before and it’s a great reminder of Red Pill principles in action.

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  5. Great story and a really good lesson for the community. I’ve been a version of that guy.

    >> Ego is the reason most people stay bluepill, you have to be honest with yourself and admit when something is wrong.


    And another way of looking at that is the ego is protecting that guy from rejection and failure.

    If he stays Bluepill… He can blame you, and the girls and the world… All so, so unfair… But it’s not his “fault.”

    I like Mystery’s analogy that game is like a river (I think this is his concept). You are limited and blind, but safe on the bluepill side. And you have freedom and choice as you make it to the other/redpill side and earn your spot as a player…

    >> And then find ways to fix it.

    But in between… Is struggle and self doubt and many painful lessons. First you admit the bluepill world is false. But then… You have to do the work. And what if you can’t do the work? Once you wake up, if you don’t do the level of work that meets your own standard, you’re a fraud. Safer to never wake up at all.

    The path has been laid out for us by other players… It is walking that path that is the trick to all this.

    For most men, it really is safer on the bluepill side. To stay asleep. To stay out of “Pandora’s Box” (pun intended), so to speak.

    • “But in between… Is struggle and self doubt and many painful lessons. First you admit the bluepill world is false. But then… You have to do the work. And what if you can’t do the work? Once you wake up, if you don’t do the level of work that meets your own standard, you’re a fraud. Safer to never wake up at all.”

      Great point. This journey has been a TON of work, failures, painful looks in the mirror, and second-guessing everything. It would have been so easy to quit, and not taken what I wanted, or lived the way I truly wanted to live–thats why I write about this shit–to let guys know that you can live however you desire.

      Its funny when I think about first learning Game and every single one of my guy friends loved it. Really loved it. Especially when I was talking to so many girls while out at night and they came over to gather the scraps. But, all of them refused to accept the redpill, couldn’t bring themselves to understand the real reasons why Game worked, and clung to their old framework. Needless to say, I left those guys behind, and some of them royally fucked up their lives by getting involved with girls that broke them.

      These are crazy and very interesting times. I love it.

  6. Some guys would beat the dogshit out of you on the spot. I’ve had friends behave this way only to see myself having to slam a guy against a wall to prevent him from punching my friend while my buddy was down on the floor with a broken nose and in a pile of blood.

    I’m not a sucker like that guy so I wouldn’t be in that situation (if I was gonna shell out thousands of dollars for a chick to come over, I’d just get a high class escort), but if someone tried to pull some shit like that on me and I’m in a bad mood, that guy’s arm might be split in half by the end of the night.

  7. I’ve fucked girls that had nice-guy orbiters before, invariably the reaction is hatred and contempt. You can reason with them, but they won’t listen. They’ll retreat back into morality “you knew I liked her, why did you sleep with her!”. They have that moral frame and they won’t give it up.

    The brutal reality here is that there’s a 1% chance the guy is going to learn anything. 99% likely he’s just going to remain deeply wounded and retreat into blame and hatred. He’ll probably take the anger out on her and explode at some point, calling her a “slut” or a “whore”. That’s probably already happened. His idealized view of her is toast, he won’t be able to deal with it. “Most are not ready to be unplugged”.

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