The Red Pill Movie Directed by Cassie Jaye + Produced by Mike Cernovich (review)

When I first heard that there was a film coming out called ‘The Red Pill‘ that was directed by a woman who called herself a feminist, I expected something to cringe at.

Then Mike Cernovich announced he was backing the project so there was a glimmer of hope that it would be produced in a reasonable way.

I’ve been reading Red Pill material for the past 7 years, mostly focusing on the severe imbalances that are found in the female-centered sexual market.

Most of the information came from Rollo Tomassi and his insights.

Learning Red Pill truths helped me recognize why the imbalances were in place and revealed the reasons why using game really worked. Proper game is not about tricks, but spiking interest that stems from traits that women are truly attracted to.

Most young, educated females nowadays happily call themselves feminists without giving a second thought because the movement is trendy, sounds good, and is expected for a modern girl.

Not many of them consider even questioning what it is they claim to support, don’t give it any deep thought, and aren’t willing to entertain different opinions that are critical of the ideology.

Its why I don’t even care anymore if a cute girl says something about feminism, I drop the issue, assume she is just jumping on the bandwagon, tell her I support positive masculinity, and change the subject (if we end up spending time together, I slip irrefutable red pill conversations in while her guard is down…heh).

Cassie Jaye isn’t like one of the millions of sheep that graduate from the indoctrination schools that American Universities have morphed into (although she used to be, as is revealed in the film). Her critical thought comes through in her video diaries that are interspersed throughout the film.

She takes an honest look at what the red pill actually means, has the guts to question her previous feminist beliefs, and demonstrates acute powers of introspection. It was quite impressive to watch an attractive blonde think with so much honest clarity.

Jaye isn’t afraid to reflect deeply on both sides and come up with opinions of her own–even if they make her feel uncomfortable to the point of tears–as the truth should.

The film focuses on the Men’s Rights Activists (MRA) part of the Red Pill and revolves around interviews with key players in the movement.

MRAs have never been fully on my radar because they have always come across as awkward and weird, rejecting self-improvement and not interested in seduction.

And during the interviews in The Red Pill some do come across as awkward and weird, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have something important to say.

Through the interviews I was enlightened on how easy it is for a man to get his life absolutely ruined by a pregnancy mistake, or getting involved with a vindictive woman.

Imagine raising a family of four boys, then one of them gets into an accident and needs a blood transfusion, you go to the hospital, offer up your blood, and then come to find out the blood doesn’t match because the kid you have been raising was sired by the guy down the block.

Or being forced to pay child support just because some girl named you as the father because she needed to provide a name and didn’t know who the real father was.

Thats some heavy psychological trauma.

Besides the personal stories to help you empathize, The Red Pill includes statistics that no one with a sane mind can look at and say that women have it worse off than men when it comes to issues like workplace fatalities, suicides, rape (yes, rape), military deaths, and even domestic violence.

These are serious topics that not just feminists sweep under the rug, but most of the public as well.

The film doesn’t even touch on how men are mostly portrayed in the media as bumbling, incompetent fools, and the suffering they experience is mocked and used as comedy.

Its obvious that there are major issues that males are dealing with in modern society, but they have been kept in the dark because they can be uncomfortable to confront. Not to mention the radical feminists who actively work to keep MRAs from being heard.

The footage of protesters at some of these has to be met with a laugh at because the people are so unbelievably delusional and unwilling to hear any opposing opinions that the only reaction is bewilderment.

Cassie also interviews some academics and feminists who don’t do much to help their cause because the smug superiority in their arguments reveal a lack of real understanding.

‘Big Red’ comes across as a perfect living example of how toxic, fanatical feminism can be manipulated for emotionally unstable individuals looking for reasons to play victim.

I’ve witnessed first hand how unreasonable feminists have tried to shut others down, labeling them as pro-rape after misinterpreting words that were clearly meant to be satire–the film shows numerous examples of the same type of hysteria that have gotten many MRAs labeled as part of a hate group.

The Red Pill was very well produced and looks great on the big screen, it doesn’t get bogged down with unnecessary information or overstay its 2 hour running time.

I was able to attend one of the screenings in New York last week and Cassie was there to field questions from the audience.

One thing she mentioned was that as soon as she mentioned what the film was about to her close friends and family, she was immediately met with some backlash. The automatic reaction was disgust that she would even give Mens Rights Activists a platform to express their concerns.

And the same kind of hate has been directed at her from the mainstream media.

Read this mewling manlets pathetic attempt at discrediting the film for the Village Voice–an organization that used to be a bastion of free thought but like many others, has degraded into perpetuating popular feel-good platitudes for the masses.

Cassie was blacklisted from advertising in the Village Voice, as I’m sure she will be by a multitude of other publications. Being willing to take such a huge risk and possibly jeopardize her film career in order to show the truth on screen has earned her a ton of credibility in my book.

She did mention that the film was going to be released on a wide scale through a number of streaming services such as NetFlix and Hulu.

When it is available for you to watch, I highly recommend doing so. Find out when it will be available in your area here.

I was asked by a producer of the film to take down the video of the audience discussion with Cassie since there was a twist at the end that got revealed.

You’ll have to see the movie for yourself.


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Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

8 comments on “The Red Pill Movie Directed by Cassie Jaye + Produced by Mike Cernovich (review)

    • “Sexist” is usually the term that gets thrown at me. Which is fine, men and women are not the same at all, something that The Red Pill movie makes very clear–we have very different ways of interpreting the world.

      I love that.

  1. Fair review of a great movie. You sound like you have MRA leanings, so why the name-calling? I’m not awkward or weird; that’s rich coming from such a self-proclaimed one-dimensional man (seducer). Don’t worry, while you’re seducing, the awkward and weirdos of the MRM will try to prevent paternity fraud against your sons, false rape accusations, suicide, and get repro rights for them also. When you have the self-respect of an MHRA, you don’t need Game.

    • When I first came across MRA writings I was immediately turned off by the tone. There was a lot of anger (rightly so) and it seemed like a lot of the guys were playing up the victim stance–just like feminists do.

      Granted, I haven’t dug very deep, but a suggestion would be to get some fresh-faces on the scene who are more relatable to guys like me.

      Anyone who knows me or is familiar with my writing knows I’m anything but one-dimensional, the seduction process is something that is extremely interesting to me.

      • I think this is true. I would call it the Mark Dice effect. Whatever is conformist will be nodded to no matter whether it is understood. This incredible shallowness is a cultural cancer that is destroying out nation.

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