The Man from Brooklyn



In the spring of 2016, a female reader of my books and blog got in touch and arranged to visit me in Brooklyn.

It was a fascinating time with C and she was able to gain an intimate peek into my personal life and experience what it was like to live with me and observe my ways.

I didn’t change my attitude at all, kept going out to meet other girls, got belligerent, and behaved in a way that some might describe as being ‘an asshole’ (I did also reveal a more sensitive side that girls respond to).

But I remained myself throughout and C responded immensely to the ‘game’ that has become internalized.

She admits to this and recognizes that much of what women are taught about men and relationships are as backwards as can be. C has a gift in reflecting honestly with her emotions and thoughts and this comes through in the story.

It is something that I wish I had been exposed to when I was younger because I found it hard to believe that girls really did respond to certain behaviors, attitudes, and selfishness that so many Naturals and Alphas demonstrate.

This book clearly shows how powerful and important it is to adapt a way of thinking that women are drawn to.

I also write a response at the end that includes the six key tenets of my game that were the most important in developing in to a man that is successful with women. I also relate them to how C responds to each example of them in the story.

I truly believe that you learn the most from stories that contain the lessons within them and are exemplified through real action.

Enjoy this good read about modern male/female behavior and the dynamics that make it work.

Started and finished this weekend and was surprised that I liked it so much. I was hesitant going into it because of my preconceived notions about the plot: girl travels to city to sleep with guy, guy is playboy and acts like a hooligan, girl & guy never speak again. But I was pleasantly surprised…

As I woman I can back-up that “C’s” insecurities are common, but I’ve never actually had the audacity to admit them out loud…Kudos to her for lifting up the veil and letting others get a look inside.


*You can read a little more detail about what the book contains by reading the release post here.


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