Go Forth



Its finally here. Blood, sweat, cum, and tears all went into writing this guy and I’m proud.


A chronicle of the biggest transformation of my life. A period in time that allowed me to reach new heights, discover my true abilities, and become fearless with women.

The book contains a lot of sex, yes, but even more than that, it showcases a mindset that allows me to be free. An attitude that unleashed powers I didn’t know were possible. And a spirit of adventure that built a fire inside.

There is also a section that details my thoughts, reflections, and response on being unjustly banned from a certain forum. Now I realize that was just another way of being set loose.

*Google ‘Goldmund ban’ if interested.

And if the owner of that forum ever comes to New York without an apology, he will be fucked with. Guaranteed.

I’m proud of the book, it was written with passion and a desire to inspire hope in aspiring players.

When I first started studying game, I vividly remember the stories I read about guys who could go out and get laid the same night with a new girl just by using game. That fascinated me and inspired me to try harder.

It wasn’t the ‘textbooks’ or ‘guides’ that helped the most, but reading the experiences had the greatest impact, the real life adventures that were shared worked best.

And here I am, at a level I never thought possible, and have documented exactly what it is like to have the world open up because of game.

Enjoy the book, its meant to provide fuel for living and push the reader to explore this world, captivate the women, and become the best player possible.


Buy it here.

*Featured review by none other than the Alpha Playboy himself, Christian Mcqueen:

Was planning on reading this book next week on my flight.

Instead, I couldn’t put it down.

Disclaimer: I am NOT getting affiliate pay, I’m simply stating my short review of this book.

I just finished reading Goldmund’s book and all I can say is that I felt like I watched a film. The entire time I could imagine the people you met in Oaxaca, the girls you fucked, and the adventure you experienced. If nothing else you had fucking better plan on meeting up with me and doing a trip down in that town. Sounds incredible and as you all know, Latinas are my choice of lady.

Well done Goldmund.

Well fucking done.

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