Art of the One Night Stand



Want to be inspired and learn ways to sleep with beautiful girls on the first night that you meet them?

Instead of being a guide you follow step by step, this book shares 10 very unique stories about meeting girls while out for the first time (no online stuff) and creating circumstances that led to sex within hours…and sometimes minutes.

After each story there is a detailed breakdown of the key elements that made the night a success. In these breakdowns you will be able to pull out tips, quotes, moves, and strategies to use in your own game.

The book includes:

  • Over 130 pages of detailed descriptions and breakdowns
  • Over 100 tips to incorporate into your own game
  • Immediate, actionable advice to make One Night Stands happen
  • Practical, creative ways to seduce women fast

You will be inspired by the stories of beautiful women getting wrapped up in the moment, turned on, and giving themselves fully to a man they just met.

I wrote the book for that exact reason. The most helpful, inspirational part of studying game for me was reading the true stories of guys who had a history of frustration with women and then they turned into creative, master seducers.

Each one of the stories happens in a totally different environment and under completely unique circumstances.

There are no formulas to follow when game becomes internalized and the principles fall in to place. You get the results you want by acting on instinct and how the night progresses comes under your control.

Thats when it become an art form and thats what every true player should strive for.

Enjoy the book, I put a ton of work in to it and am proud of the results.

Here is the table of contents:

Comes in .PDF, .MOBI, and .EPUB versions.

Comments from a reader:

Mr. Goldmund does it again. Art of the One Night Stand: A fantastic written piece of nonfiction with prose more erotic than the Fifty Shades series.On the surface, the amalgamation of one night stand stories are true tales of lust, romance and great game. But in its core, the book provides lessons to every woman-seducing novice, accomplished player and Hefnet-esque playboy.

Like in “Go Forth,” Goldmund’s storytelling in “The Art of the One Night Stand” flows incredibly smoothly, each story providing its own interesting instances, unique situations and hearty laughs.

I couldn’t recommend Goldmund enough. He’s here to help us all learn.


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