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I started compiling this list in December of 2014 and throughout the year kept note of which techniques and tactics were the most effective.

Those of you who are familiar with my work know that I despise PUA routines, mechanical conversation, and ‘formulas’ that many guys use to try and pick-up girls.

I thrive on real human connection, creativity, excitement, and fun.

That’s what these Techniques embody. They describe in detail the most common things that I do before I get laid.

What types of girls do they work on?

My favorite kind of girls are Europeans who come to visit the states. They are attractive, have good style, intelligent, and are looking for adventure. Some would call them ‘classy’.


These techniques do work on sexy American girls as well, I travel around the U.S. often and have used all of the strategies with great success.

American Girl

On my roadtrip around the country during the summer of 2015, I honed many of these tips and used them to have sex with 9 girls in just over 8 weeks. With 0 dates.

They are designed to turn girls on quickly, create a bubble of excitement, and use that to seduce them very fast.

Most of the girls I take home follow me back within an hour of meeting them and these 14 techniques break down exactly how that happens.

Table of Contents:

Techniques Contents

At the end of each description are key points that you should remember and internalize. I am a big fan of taking a notebook when going out and jotting down reminders, notes, and revelations. I encourage you to write the key points down, put them in your pocket, and review them when you are out meeting girls.

Advanced Game Techniques Cover

*Note that is not a proper ‘book’ per se, but rather a breakdown of the most effective techniques that I employ. Think of it as a collection of 14 of my best blog posts on game (although 90% of the tips have never been published).

It comes in .pdf format and is priced at $4.99, you can adjust the price if you want to donate a little more for the cause.

Add these techniques to your arsenal and you will get laid.


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