Plans for the Future, Coaching in NYC

It started with #NoNothingNovember and ended with a plan of world domination. The revelations that came when I realized just how much time I was wasting by clicking around obsessively on certain websites was a real eye-opener.

There were books read: Cannery Row, The Little Prince, and Lolita (Lolita review pending).

Kurosawa films were watched and studied.

Interviews of Matt Forney, Christian McQueen, and my hot ex-roommate were conducted.

My most viral article was written, it featured photos of ladies offering advice for guys who want to be more attractive. 

And my proudest accomplishment of the year, the publication of my book Go Forth:A Journey South. 

The feedback has been great from everyone and I truly am proud of it. Buy your copy here if you haven’t already. The paper back will be out by the end of December.

Another major event that happened was during my meeting with Christian McQueen. The man has built a lifestyle of a modern king and has inspired me to follow in his footsteps.

The knowledge, skills, and insight that McQueen has is something that guys need to hear–he gives words of advice and inspiration, and he has the ability to handle women.

Seeing him in action proved to me that those skills are the most valuable in the world. You can’t put a price on game because it stems from the inside. It must be cultivated and grown.

To teach other guys this is something I am willing and able to do.

I know how to meet, talk to, turn on, and take home women. Its what I do. And I love going out with guys who want to learn, its fun to me.

There are guys from the forum who know how true this is.

I hang with soup often and can’t recall a time we didn’t talk to at least 5 girls. I tore up the city with CaptMunch and we were surrounded by chicks the whole night. It was a blast opening up two women at the bar and then introducing them to Renberg so he could practice. I love that shit.

My style is bars and lounges in Brooklyn. The girls here are plentiful and beautiful and come to get weird, meet interesting people, and fuck. I’ve been going out here my entire life and have the pulse of the place. I know what the girls want. In Mexico, I got laid over a dozen times in a month in a city where I was a complete stranger and didn’t speak the language. I can operate anywhere.

Whenever I do anything, I strive to do it the best and get to the level where the basics become automatic–this allows me to transcend and have complete creative freedom. I got to that point with my art, and now I am there with game.

Its time to pass the skills on.

After I return from the Art Basel exhibition in Miami next week, I will be offering a coaching service for guys who are interested.

I can guarantee that we will meet girls. The hardest thing for me when I first got started was the approach, so we will work on ways to make the best approaches according to your style.

I’ll observe you, and then give feedback on what to improve on.

I will be doing everything in my power to get you laid, but of course I can’t promise that. What I can promise is that I will give you my full attention and expertise in to how to get you comfortable approaching and talking to women.

More details will be released next week, but it is my genuine hope that a lot of guys will get a lot of inspiration and help through this.

A couple of quips from guys I have been out recently with while preparing for this:

Without hesitation, Goldmund beckoned me to tag along as he approached the two cutest girls at the bar.  While they were catching up over a few drinks, he stepped between them, smirked, and said, “Hi ladies, this is my friend…”  Suddenly, we were having an in-depth conversation with two beautiful women.  Just from approaching with Goldmund, I learned a limitless amount about speech, posture and how to present yourself.  As somebody who considers myself nervous in approaching situations, I was completely comfortable with Goldmund.  He’s a friendly, knowledgeable guy, a wealth of information based off of successes and failures.

What makes Goldmund’s program unique is the fact that you work together, as a unit.  Rather than just receiving critique, you work alongside one of NYC’s strongest and most experienced players.  Even more importantly, this dude values respect, education and self-understanding; there’s no better person to learn from.

Goldmund is a fearless approacher and a master of game. He has cracked the code to being “on” and has an effortless way with women. It’s rare to to see a guy who genuinely knows how to enjoy meeting girls.

I’ve recently had a chance to hang out with the guy, and I’ll back up any project he does in the future. Not because of the girls we pulled, or shenanigans we were up to, but because he’s genuinely one of the coolest motherfuckers I’ve had to pleasure to hang out with.
There simply is not a dull moment when you’re out with this guy. Be it his crazy stories, or the crazy stunts we pulled with girls without as much as flinching, it doesn’t get much better than tearing up NYC with him as your wing. And the best thing is, that it’s all natural, raw. None of that PUA bullshit, you see around.
It’s that simple, he walks to a chick, he works his magic, you walk to a chick and do the same. No need for pseudo-scientific explanations that takes so long the girl’s have checked out three times over before you’re done. It just clicks.
In short :12/10 would get kicked out of half of Brooklyn bars with again.

Having been told about Goldmund’s plans to move to coaching, the first thing that came to my mind was ”About damn time”.

During my recent trip to NYC, we’ve had a chance to met up to cause some mayhem, which ended up marking the highlight of my trip.

Forget about the fact that he’s up in the triple digits.

Forget about the fact, that guy runs a successful blog, and has a book out.

Forget about all those things, that every other self proclaimed guru out there boosts about, it’s irrelevant right now.

Despite being an established guy in my own right, I still left feeling like I’ve learned something.

See, the thing for me is, I hate average, and if I’m willing to write this recommendation for a guy, you better damn know he’s got something unique to offer, cause that’s the kind of people I gravitate towards. Be it a crazy story about his time down in Mexico, the way we made fun of the bartender who messed up my drink, or getting a bunch of girls ready to leave the place with us. It’s anything but boring…he’s the kind of a guy, who you’re meeting, and the next thing you know you’ll be waking up in a desert, thinking how the hell did I get there.

And along the way, without as much as needing to explain anything to you, you pick up all those things he does that made him accomplished enough to offer this deal in the first place. And before you know it, you’re doing it yourself.

So, having said that let me leave you with this. Going into that bar, I thought I’d meet a guy I’d share a few drinks with, and maybe wing one another into hooking up with a girl or two. Halfway there, I stopped caring about the latter, and just enjoyed the ride. And when I finally left Brooklyn in the morning I knew I’ve meet a guy I could call a friend.

About Goldmund

Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

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  1. your blog really has been an eye opener. i’d totally sign up for your coaching program goldmund, can’t wait! -wandenreich

  2. Does one have to be in New York to receive coaching from you, or are you planning on doing online/Skype coaching in the future? I’ve never really had much faith in the materials from most other PUA’s, but I enjoy your blog and feel like receiving coaching from you would be very beneficial.

      • Fantastic! And that’s why I really look your blog; your advice really is down-to-earth, genuine self-improvement advice. Truth be told, it’d be awesome to come out to NY for a long weekend and get live coaching; but it looks like it could be awhile before I get the chance to do so. I’m just glad you’re looking into online sessions!

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