Photo Tour of Wynwood, Miami

The neighborhood of Wynwood is my favorite place to visit while in Miami.

It’s the Brooklyn of Miami, outside of the downtown area, doesn’t have skyscrapers, and is home to a vibrant art scene.

Even the parking lots and business advertisements have some flair to them.

Like Brooklyn, many of the spaces are converted old factories and industrial buildings, it gives Wynwood a unique charm and a creative vibe that inspires people to turn walls into canvases.

The streets frame the work very well, and the vivid colors shine bright in the Florida sun.

Within 5 minutes of shooting in the neighborhood, this local screamed at me “take my picture!” and posed.

I wasn’t there to run my usual Camera Game, its a different state of mind when you are on a particular mission, and left her to roam solo even after she invited me for lunch.

Street Photography is great for focusing on things outside of your head and works as a training in observation.

And there is a hell of a lot to observe in Wynwood.

Whales were a recurring theme around the neighborhood.

Whales have the largest penises on Planet Earth.

The night before I had been partying hard with Christian McQueen at club LIV, and a girl that I had been fooling around with in the beginning of the night disappeared on me in the club.

**On the party bus on the way to LIV, I had employed an old move of mine where I sit next to a girl, pick up her leg (it works best if she has nice long legs), and turn it into a cannon/gun and pretend to shoot people with it. This is always a well received move.**

After that girl vanished, I found another one to dance with, and when we got in an Uber to go back to my hotel, she freaked out half way there and ran out of the car.

So I was feeling a bit frustrated in the morning, but this afternoon walk among incredible art was a relief.

Every street around the main strip on 2nd Avenue is covered in art. The entire area is one big living gallery. It really is a great destination to wander and enjoy looking around.

Some of the work is much more intense than others and you can interpret it in any way you desire. I’ve always appreciated street art because of its wild and rebellious nature.

Whatever you get out of it is a manifestation of what lies inside of you.

These pieces really are incredible, make sure you take the time to absorb them. (click on them to enlarge)

One day I am going to do a proper Whirling Dervish Ceremony in a big field outside in the evening and transcend.

One of the artists at work.

In the center of the main strip, there is a place called Wynwood Walls, which is a major attraction and features some of the best work in the neighborhood.

There are always a lot of people walking around here and an endless amount of girls posing in front of the walls.

Its gets especially busy here during the Wynwood Art Walk, which takes place every second Saturday of the month.

And during Art Basel, the place is swarming with people.

Highly recommended if you can make the trip.

More whales, they love whales.

Halfway through the walls, you will come to the Wynwood Doors, which, you guessed it, features art on doors.

There is also a cool boulder garden here where I was approached for a threesome during Art Basel a couple of years ago.

Its an interesting feeling to revisit a place that holds such strong, intense memories, you can read the Miami threesome story here.

This next piece was chipped out of the concrete and fascinating to observe up close.

A bunch of different materials were used for this one.

This one was hilarious and the biggest attraction to all the visitors.

And of course, as every real artist knows, the most beautiful subject in the world is the human female.

You step back outside and there are portraits of pretty girls all over.

There are plenty of good places to eat around, but my favorite place to hang out and party, by far, is The Wood.

Its where I had my last meetup in Miami, we had it during the daytime party they throw on Sundays.

By the time is was 5pm, one of the guys had already passed out on the ground from smoking some mystery chronic provided by a local Jamaican.

Good times.

I returned back to my hotel satisfied after a successful day shooting around Wynwood.

The feeling transferred into the night and turned into a success when I effortlessly reconvened with the girl who’s legs I had turned into cannons during the previous night.

We did very creative things with our bodies in bed that night and it was a perfect cap to a wonderful long weekend in Miami.

I can’t stress enough how incredible the art of photography is.

For a push to get started, suggestions on the best equipment, tons of tips on how to get good using a camera, and how to make the most out of it, check out An Introduction to Camera Game: How to Seduce Women Through Photography.

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Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

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  1. Nice photos of Wynwood. I’ll to go there the next time I’m down. My grandparents lived in Miami Beach since before I was born, and I visited for years until 2004. Miami, Miami Beach, and South Florida neighbors have changed so much over the years, both in the way they look, and which areas were good and which were bad. Miami and South Florida are still one of my favorite parts of this country, a place I’d consider living.

    • Yeah, Miami has been good to me this year.

      Everyone is talking about how much change is going on around the city.

      In addition to Wynwood, there is also the Brickell area which is blowing up. Good times to be had all over the place.

      And the Everglades is such a cool area to explore, especially in the really wild parts.

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