Photo Tour of Girls in the NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is my favorite museum in the world.

It is absolutely massive and you could spend a week inside and still not be able to see everything.

Whenever anyone asks what must-see things there are in New York, the Met is at the top of the list.

I go a few times per year, and went again, by myself, with the aim to take pictures of people observing the art rather than the art itself.

The idea came to me while I was at the Museum of Modern Art and began to focus my attention on the people around me (especially the cute girls).

The photos that came out of that visit were more interesting than I expected, so I wanted to see what I could get if I really tried.

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What follows is a good sampling of the interesting/pretty girls at the Met (and some art, but go to the museum yourself to view it in person).

The first girl I talked to was writing a paper on Polynesian Art. I asked if she needed help and she said No Thanks and ignored me.

This next girl was very cute, but her mom was with her and cockblocked me at the musuem.

The museums in New York host so many Asians that it is unbelievable.

The only place I’ve ever seen more of them at once is Chinatown.

Asians love their phones, I think even more than American girls.

Nice set of tits, top left:

This lady was so funny, she was snapping pictures of paintings in the gallery, then taking a picture of the description, then running fast to do the same thing to the next one.

I didn’t see her look at one painting without looking at it through the screen.

This girl was so hot in such a slutty way. I stalled on the approach, and then her mom came over. I chickened out.

Here is a nude reclining.

Not Dali, someone else, I forget. If anyone knows, leave it in the comments.

This girl couldn’t have been over 16 years old, but those damn legs–a sculpture of her could have fit right in at the museum.

This approach went very well, “hi there, you know you’re gonna get in trouble with that backpack on. You have to wear it over your shoulder while you’re here.”

Then we laughed at the stupid rule and talked for a bit. I told her I was going to take her out in Brooklyn before she left NYC and got her number. Cutie pie.

This girl loved the fact that I asked to take her picture–she loved it! American.

These two, especially the blonde were very skeptical, but agreed to having their photo taken. Dutch.

This one was shocked I asked, but flattered. I think she had some anxiety issues. American.

Joan of Arc: divinely inspired…or batshit crazy?

This painting got my blood going and made me want to walk through a path of naked women who worshipped me.

I saw these two immediately after thinking about an orgy and approached them with a Camera Game opener.

The energy was instant between us.

The fiery-headed one was bubbling over with joy and I had to tell her to calm down and be serious for the picture.

I could tell they were French right away with their accents and said, “Ça va les filles? Quel temps fait-il?!” and had them cracking up laughing.

I love girls with good energy, it makes them twice as attractive. An amazing thing about Camera Game is that it gives you a good read on a girls personality right away.

This is a quote from the book, and it is 100% accurate.

Camera game is by far the fastest way I have had girls reveal their personality. I have learned more in three minutes of camera game than on many three-plus hour dates.

We were talking after and it was obvious we would have a great time hanging out together (I mentioned this in conversation), and I told them that after the museum I was going to see my friends play music in Brooklyn–and they both should come along.

They loved that idea, I got the fiery ones number, and we agreed to meet up later.

My work in the museum was done and I left soon after.

**Side note: to anyone who thinks what I do is weird, or a ‘creepy’ way to meet girls–Fuck you. What I do takes balls of steel and tons of real confidence. Good luck meeting your next fun date on Tinder, you pussy.**

On the train ride back to Brooklyn, I was scheming of a way to make a threesome happen. I figured I had a better shot at both of them rather than just try to take one home.

I got to the bar and hung out with my friend before he started his set.

The French girls said they were going to their hotel to change before heading out and I went to another bar down the block.

I had slept with the bartender 6 years ago, and she gave me free drinks.

While there, a sexy black girl stepped up next to me to order a drink and she was complaining about how she left her phone at her friends place and needed to get it back.

I said it was no use bitching about it and then asked if she could give me some advice.

“Sure honey, whatever you want.”

“Its pretty safe to assume that most girls in their 20s are bisexual right?”

“Hell yeah, god knows I am.”

Good, then I told her about the two French girls I met at the museum and how it was probably a better plan to try to fuck both of them–the black girl said that was smart.

I asked her if she ever went out with the intention to pick up girls and she said No, it was more of a thing that she planned with guys she was dating.

“Lets go try and pick up some girls and see what happens”

We went to the back of the bar and I asked to join two girls sitting at a booth and they said sure.

After introductions, I posed the the question “So, is it safe to assume that every girl is bisexual?”

“Yeah, we think so.”

“I know. I’m still having a time wrapping my head around it, but it makes sense. Girls are so beautiful, everyone loves looking at naked, beautiful girls. Guys not so much, we’ve got funny looking bits dangling around and don’t have the sexy curves.”

I explained the situation with the French girls to the table, and we all started conspiring.

“I’ve had threesomes with French girls before, and its just a matter of getting them both back to my place. Then we pop champagne, I put on Serge Gainsbourg, spark a cigarette, and dance with both of them until we all start kissing–thats been pretty reliable.”

The girls agreed and we ordered another round and shots to go with it.

The French girls got to the bar two hours later (Ca va ladies? I know you are going to read this!), at this point I was pretty fucked up and making out with the black girl.

I told the French girls my big plan to have a ménage à trois with them, but it might have to turn into a foursome with my new friend.

The fiery one was still all about it, but her friend wasn’t.

We all played a game of Jenga at the table, I won (I’m a Jenga master), and the black girl asked me to go with her to her friends house to pick up her phone.

“Your not gonna trap me there and force a conversation with someone I know I’m not going to like, right? I’m horny.”

“I’ll take care of you baby, don’t worry about that. It won’t take long.”

As I left with her, I told the French girls that maybe we could try again sometime, and kissed all the girls goodbye.

We got the black girls phone, stopped by one more bar on the way back to her place, and while we were there she told me that she couldn’t have sex because she was on her period.

“What the fuck?! I would have stayed with the French girls if I knew that! This is like rape. I feel like I’ve been raped.”

“Ha, don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.”

“Good, because I’m so horny I could stick my dick in that pickle jar over there.”

We got back to her place and I was treated to a striptease accompanied by one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had.

Then ended up passing out for the night and waking up with her on a pullout couch.

She had to rush to work at 730am, and before I left, we both laughed about the night before.

“I was expecting a threesome with two French chicks, but ended up with you. I love Sunday.”

Another excellent opportunity made possible by Camera Game. You should buy it, even if you aren’t a photographer–the principles in it are timeless.

Buy it here.

This experience is also an excellent example of how you can be open with girls and they will respect you for it. I wasn’t trying to weasel my way into any panties, my intentions were put on full display, and the girls loved me for it.

I used to go out, interact with females, and put on a facade of a ‘nice guy’. Not only was that untrue to who I really am, the women sensed it, and I didn’t get laid nearly as much.

We live in amazing times right now where you can get away with just about anything with the right attitude and strong willpower.

Keep exercising your right to express who you are, and take what you want out of life.

And read Go Forth, the entire book encapsulates this attitude.

My next book is going to be a sequel to Go Forth, and imbue anyone who reads it with the fire of a true independent spirit.

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About Goldmund

Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

18 comments on “Photo Tour of Girls in the NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art

  1. Hey Goldmund, recently stumbled upon your blog and wanted to simply know do u reckon daygame is a perfect way for a 20-year old guy to get his first lay count or should i start off with online dating in this unique scenario?

    • If you’re 20 and just looking to gain some experience and get laid, sure, online is the easiest route.

      But view it as a bike with training wheels–use it as a tool to make yourself better–then wean off and never, ever go back.

  2. When a girl is with her mom, whats your approach usually like? Do you go in anyway and dont care that ur hitting on the daughter in front of the mom or do you wait til the mom walks off? or just try to make them both laugh?

    • I usually show some respect and leave them be, most parents would be uncomfortable witnessing their progeny get hit on by a stranger.

      BUT, I have encountered moms with their daughters at bars, both of them looking to hook up, and had success there–that is rare, but its happened.

      Other times I’ve had success is when I see that the daughter is new to the city and showing her mom around (easy to spot), and I’ll approach with “your new around here? Looking for something?” and see how they respond. If the response is good, a lot of times it is because the mom wants her daughter to hang out with someone who has his shit together and is charming, I’ll keep it going and end with “let me get your number and I’ll show you some good places.”

      I’ve done that a few times, but its not like I go out looking for it.

      Dads are way tougher though, I’ve yet to pick up a girl right in front of her father.

  3. That great nude is by Modigliani, of course. I’m always spooked out by that Papua New Guinea gallery wing, aka, cannibal room.

  4. “We live in amazing times right now where you can get away with just about anything with the right attitude and strong willpower.”
    “What I do takes balls of steel and tons of real confidence.”

    What a world we live rich beyond it all…

    “I used to go out, interact with females, and put on a facade of a ‘nice guy’. Not only was that untrue to who I really am, the women sensed it, and I didn’t get laid nearly as much.”

    Art and literature and intention… We live life continues… Confronting the sublime…

  5. “What I do takes balls of steel and tons of real confidence. Good luck meeting your next fun date on Tinder, you pussy.**”

    But most of the girls you talked to had a Tinder profile. We are retreating into our smartphones. Especially young girls (18-22). Invest in online or lose out.

    Really wish it wasn’t so, but this is the way the world is going.

    • I was aiming that sentiment toward people who knock my methods of meeting girls, not to those who show respect.

      Online definitely yields a ton of results, a lot of my friends use it with success.

      Its just not for me.

    • That’s my entire diabolical MO over here.

      To lure guys in with the prospect of fucking lots of girls…and then turning them into more well-rounded people.

      Apparently its working, book sales are good.

      A proper Camera is a game changer. You can get away with so much being a street photographer, its crazy. And totally legal. The more psychopathic tendencies you have, the better you will be at it.

      Plus, girls will open you up if there is a camera in your hand, “are you a photographer?” It’s great.

      Kind of like when guys sling their guitars with them all over town. Chick magnets.

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