Photo Tour of Havana, Cuba

I spent the 2016 Christmas week in Havana, Cuba and have some stories to tell. Most notably, getting robbed by a few Russian mobsters while trying to find a place to have sex with a beautiful local Cuban girl–she had light skin, blonde hair, and incredible curves–black girl curves, I nicknamed her “Vanilla Blackalicious”. But that […]

Trip to Havana, Cuba and Miami, Florida

For the final weeks of 2016, I’ll be visiting Havana and Miami (and the surrounding areas). Its well known that I love Latin American girls and culture–I find the healthy amount of passion that they infuse into everything captivating–and the people are warm to my vibe as well. The plan for Havana is to soak […]

A Cheeky Way to Meet Girls When it Snows

One of the greatest things about New York City is that you can get away with just about anything. People here are incredibly selfish, wrapped up in their own lives, have a million different things going on, and are too busy to bother with matters that don’t concern them personally. You could stand around in […]

Tips for Introverts: Travel

Tips for Introverts: Travel

If you find yourself on the introverted side of the spectrum, make sure you don’t fall for the labels that the extroverted world would love to pin on you. It doesn’t have to mean you are shy, timid, or scared. You just prefer to direct your thoughts inward and are more selective in where you direct […]