Don’t Coddle the Boy

A seven hour bus ride through the mountains in Southern Oaxaca provided a lot of time for observing and thinking. We passed through several small Mexican villages and stopped in a few for a break. In every village passed, there were children outside. Lots of them. It’s not like the childless Northeast U.S.–the people here […]

My Encounter With a Rapist

Was out doing my thing last night–drinking and laughing with the bartender at a local spot–when I spotted two girls staring in my direction. I waved them over and said ‘hola!’ They were real Mexican natives, looking very zapotec, and didn’t speak any English. They wanted to take my picture. I obliged, made them pose, […]

Forge Your Own Path (Women Will Follow)

There is a major trait that separates men from the boys, something that the guys who “get it” have, and the guys who don’t, don’t. It’s a quality that takes years of experience to develop, accomplishments and failures, a deep knowledge of the self, and a lot of time reflecting. True self-confidence. This is something that […]

To be Alone and Free

Traveling alone for a lengthy period of time has proven to be one of the most effective ways to develop my personality. This current trip is no exception. The days are usually spent alone, wandering to new places, working for a few hours in a garden or café, and doing a lot of observing. What starts to […]

Game Opens up the World

I hit the road recently with no solid plan except to create as many adventures as possible. The first flight left from NYC and instead of being bored for six hours in the terminal, I ran game, met girls, got numbers, learned about their hometown, and scouted gates for destinations of beautiful women. This method was […]

Camera Game: At Night

Taking the camera out has proven to be a girl magnet. Just like women get all tingly and curious when they see a guy walking around with a guitar–a camera provides the same effect. I started doing this in the city of New Orleans, which has a constant party vibe in the air. All the […]