#NoNothingNovember: Photo Edition (advice from the ladies)

Switched up the Camera Game this week to align with this month of betterment and change.

I had the girls write down some actions that men could implement to make themselves more attractive.


She’s right.

You hear a lot of ‘don’t ever take advice from a woman’ talk around these parts of the internet.

I don’t buy it.

Too drunk to take home, I hate it when girls drink too much.

Too drunk to take home, I hate it when girls drink too much.

Yeah, the off-the-cuff things girls usually say is bullshit…but you can get past that. Chide them for it, make fun of their vanilla answers that they were brainwashed into thinking was the truth, and get them to really open up.


An A+ in Brainwashing 101

So many times have I asked a girl I just met “So what turns you on?” and she straight up tells me how to seduce her.


She literally clung to me for the rest of the night.

It happened last weekend, I asked the girl and her response was “When my neck is bitten.”

You better believe that 10 minutes later I was nibbling that neck. 30 minutes later I was inside her French ass.

The trick is to get them to open up…you do that by focusing on them and listening. There was a nice insight that Rivelino mentioned a while back:

Your notepad & street video ideas are brilliant b/c the focus isn’t on her beauty but on getting to know her inner world.


That look on her face tells us that she doesn’t believe her own words.

So ask away gentlemen. Don’t accept the first response–its likely to be a load of malarky. And then don’t be scared to dig deep into the girls mind. Bonds will be created that way–tighten those bonds with sex.


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