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If you have followed my blog this year, you know that I ended up meeting a girl who had contacted me after reading my books.

She came to visit, we spent a few days living together, raised some hell, had lots of sex, and separated on good terms.

While she was here we talked about doing some kind of project that involved retelling the experience through her lens. She happens to be a decent writer and storyteller so I was confident that she would deliver something worthwhile.

And she did.

This book, written entirely from her perspective, recounts the events that led up to her agreeing to fly 2,000 miles to come visit me in New York. It also describes how we interacted, what its like to live with me for three days, how she responded to my nighttime activities/coaching/partying, and her thoughts on what she thinks of my lifestyle.

It also contains a lengthily description of how she managed to identify the ‘real’ me from the Goldmund that writes stories about sexual conquests and tactics on this blog and in my books.

Everything I write about has been experienced first-hand and is true, but being creative non-fiction, it is told with flair and a tone of bravado–exactly how I like to remember events and stylize them for my storytelling.

I write with my Goldmund persona, but its not something that follows me 100% through my daily life. It would be impossible to form any meaningful relationships with girls if I was constantly acting like a maniac.

You get to see the other side of someone who walks around with the label ‘international playboy’, the side that is able to hook girls on an emotional level and form bonds with them.

Thats why I think its important to release this book.

It would have been something that I would have loved to read when I first began to study game and female psychology. Reading about feats of advanced players was so unbelievable when I first started that I never thought it would be possible to reach that level–and I always wondered about the other side of the story.

What were the girls thinking while interacting with a guy who knew how to handle them so well?

  • How is it possible she would have sex with someone who was such an obvious player?
  • Do girls really think a relationship with a man like that is possible?
  • Is there any romance or real connection?
  • Whats it like in the daylight hours after sex?
  • What is the pillow talk like?
  • How much of the ‘act’ is dropped without compromising beliefs or losing frame?
  • How can she justify seeing someone like me when every single one of her friends warns her and hates everything I stand for?

All of those questions are answered and described in full throughout the story.

Its not like anything I have read before and it accurately captures what goes on inside a young American girls head as she becomes intrigued more and more by a man who lives freely and unbounded.

This isn’t a perfect story with a happy ending, and its actually pretty fucked up if you view it from the outside: her contacting me after I sent a few Tweets that meant to offend people, turning her on with some dirty messages, images of sex before she arrived, fucking right away, remaining aloof, getting ridiculously drunk, hitting on other girls, taking out anger/frustration on her, sharing some personal stories–and laughing the whole way through.

A twisted snapshot into modern romance.

You will enjoy it, especially if you are interested in attracting girls through lifestyle and find your ways to be unconventional.

It would be nice to tell C that this was a completely unique experience and we went through something very special together, but the truth is that this story has played out in my life many times over with many different girls.

It contains all the patterns and progression of a budding relationship and describes key moments when her fascination with me reached new peaks.

My response at the end of her story also includes six key tenets of game that have made my relationships with women successful and healthy.

Enjoy it and let me know what you think.

The Man From Brooklyn Cover

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*It comes in .pdf format.

About Goldmund

Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

6 comments on “New Book Available (its not what you think)

  1. I just bought and read this, definitely worth the $5.

    Goldmund, this was a refreshing insight into the mindset of a woman. I want the believe that “C’s” lack of confidence and (stupid) insecurities are rare in women, but I think it’s safe to say most women have similar internal dialogue with varying degrees. I have to applaud her for being open when writing this, it really gives a look into something men will never feel and most will never understand. She’s an adult who took a risk to meet a stranger across the country. I can respect that completely, I love that she (anyone) took a risk instead of sitting idle. Her story makes it clear that she and all her friends will read every comment on this post, so to her friends, go fuck yourselves, you sound awful.

    Your comment’s at the end hit the nail on the head, as I was thinking the similar thoughts as I read her side of the story.

    I’m going to reread the book again tomorrow after I’ve thought more about her reactions. Maybe ask some of my close women what their opinions are on C’s experience to get more insight. Either way, there were a few moments that pissed me off instantly and others that offered very useful notes from a woman’s mind.

    Great read, and again I have to commend C on being so candid about her experience. It’s rare to hear a women’s point of view. I hope she ends up writing more, I think her honesty about herself is rare and could help more men and women.

    As far as negatives go, there were some typos and grammatical errors but I could care less because the content was on point.

    I look forward to the next one.

    • Thanks Pat, your response is appreciated.

      C does have a talent for honestly accessing her emotions and laying them out in words without boring the reader–thats why I was certain the story would be of interest to anyone who wants to understand how women operate.

      I’ve shared this with other girls that I know and they have similar reactions and recognize the same feelings C experienced. *And they all admit having a desire to convert the badboys, ha!

      It would be good to hear some more of your thoughts after a second read.

  2. Worth the $5. Started and finished this weekend and was surprised that I liked it so much. I was hesitant going into it because of my preconceived notions about the plot: girl travels to city to sleep with guy, guy is playboy and acts like a hooligan, girl & guy never speak again. But I was pleasantly surprised. Interested to know if “C” returns in the Fall as she stated at the end.

    As I woman I can back-up that “C’s” insecurities are common, but I’ve never actually had the audacity to admit them out loud much less to someone I’ve had feelings for. Kudos to her for lifting up the veil and letting others get a look inside.

    The one tenet that stuck out to me the most was the jealously. It was apparent throughout and appeared to fuel a powerful connection. While this struck me as odd, I can see/agree with this. Jealousy is a powerful tool, men should use it, carefully, more often.

    I hope she ends up writing more, was an good read.

    • Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think C laid out the most common insecurities most women go through in the beginning stages of attraction–she described them quite well and very candidly, which is why I was so impressed with what she wrote. Guys should know about the workings of the female mind, the differences are fascinating.

      I’m interested to see what happens come Fall as well.

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