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“The book is great. Adventure, excitement, tight game, disappointment, and triumph, all wrapped in a spiritual journey that sucks you in and doesn’t let you go.

Like McQueen said, it is like a movie. Goldmund is a master director with mise-en-scène skills that rival the greats. He has a great voice and adds detailed observations that bring the story to life.

I know there’s going to be a lot more great work coming from Goldmund in the future. This is just the start, and you’re going to want to be able to say “I knew him when…” Black Ceasar

“I just finished your book.

It’s the best pickup book I’ve ever read, and it’s not even a pickup book. It has everything you need to know, but in the format of a piece of travel writing that pulses with life and passion. Some of the prose was downright Robert E Howard electric – the kid in me wanted to start swinging imaginary swords, whilst the man wanted to bang with every inch of his soul.

My dream is to travel the world and make a living from screenwriting. Reading your book hit the nerve of inspiration deep within me.

I’m a complete rookie with women. I’ve just (this week) started to go out four nights a week, alone if I have to, and do battle with my approach anxiety. I’m far from successful, but I will win, because I never give up. The takeaways from your book were: approach, approach, approach treat them like little girls and be sexually aggressive until it hits.

Thank you for your writing mate. Huge fan. Cannot wait to pound a Mexican chick.”

Goldmund’s literary debut, a tale of debauchery and self-discovery, is an enthralling read. Go Forth is like being tossed into a roller coaster ass-first and clinging to the safety bar for dear life as you shoot through the loop-de-loops. Goldmund isn’t just a legit player, he’s a genuine literary talent, and reading this memoir makes me excited for whatever he puts out next.

Go Forth, as I mentioned earlier, is a memoir focusing on a trip Goldmund took to Mexico earlier this year. There’s not much in the way of organized plot: he simply recites his adventures as they come, journeying from New Orleans down to May-he-co and back again. Along the way, he does drugs, bangs girls and lives life like he’s going to the electric chair in six months:

After sleeping for an hour, I woke up to the Indian rubbing my cock. I flipped her over, slipped in raw, and we fucked hard and loud for an hour. Her legs were so flexible that I could push her knee into her mouth—that opened up her pussy deep and wide. My entire cock sunk into this girl as we half asleep, half drunkenly banged into oblivion.

Goldmund writes like a modern-day Kerouac, with a dash of Jim Carroll and Bradley Smith. His prose slides off the page like sheets of jizz off a porn star’s face, throwing names, places and notches at light-speed. Unlike Kerouac, Goldmund understands the value of paragraph breaks, so you won’t be throwing your Kindle out the window in frustration at multi-page blocks of text.

Some people might have difficulty believing Goldmund’s stories, but having seen him in action myself, I know he’s the real deal. Watching the guy work a bar is like seeing a time-lapse video of maggots feasting on a dead cow. The last time I hung out with him, Kid Strangelove and I watched him zero in on the only cute, single girl in the bar on a dead Monday night… and take her home.

Go Forth is a stimulating tale of excess and adventure. Take it for what it is—the first book by a talented-but-undisciplined writer—and you’ll enjoy it. Matt Forney

Go Forth by Goldmund was one of my favorite books of 2014 and for good reason. No one in our side of the net or anywhere else I’ve found has the adventurous side that Goldmund does. Or at least they don’t write about it…

The man simply lives a life like almost no other…

And this fascinating lifestyle comes out in Go Forth. Goldmund tells a tale in Go Forth of traveling to New Orleans before heading down to Mexico for his adventures. While working a bit in the town of Oaxaca in Southern Mexico, Goldmund seduces women at night while working and creating art during the day.

The one thing I love about Goldmund’s writing is how he develops relationships with others. The women, the men, the staff, old grandmothers; it doesn’t matter who seems to be in Goldmund’s path – he forms a bond with them.

Game wise – Goldmund is an ONS (one night stand) guy. In the book, he elaborates on how he goes to the club or bar and seemingly leaves with a new girl every night. Go Forth documents the 12 or so times he did so in Oaxaca in the month he was there.

Yes, you read that correctly – 12 one night stands in one month!

While we all have had a few ONS, 12 in a month is something special. While I won’t be in NYC during 2015, I suggest anyone who is into night game and going to be in NYC in 2015 check outGoldmund’s coaching services as well. Masculine Profiles

“It’s a magnetic read, flows really well. I only had time to read the beginning so far, but it is very good.” soup

“I want to hold out for the paperback but fuck it, I’m buying it now.” Mayhem

“Looking forward to reading it brother. Not afraid to say, your blog and writing has been an inspiration.” MrRogers

“Goldmund’s a legit guy and hell of a player, after running around NYC with the guy I can vouch about everything the others are saying.

Now buy the book and support the author so he can get his ass to EU, and kill some bottles with me.” CptMunch

This book is Gold, mun’. 70 pages in. Solid story, solid grammar, solid writing — maintained erection the whole time. Renberg


“Hey Goldmund, just finished the book, in one sitting, whilst at work. Your adventures were wonderfully descriptive and make me want to check out Mexico properly!

The ban stuff made me laugh, I recall it at the time thinking what the fuck is going on.

Looking forward to your next book. I’d be interested in hearing how you got into game and other mischief you had on your travels.”

“Just finished reading.

It’s been a while since I’ve read a story, so this was absolutely refreshing. I forgot how powerful a good story can be. It was kinda like hank moody does Mexico, wandering aimlessly but with focus, totally unassuming, stumbling into drugs and debauchery, I fucking loved it.” Mongo

“What separates you from a lot of the other players nowadays is the fact that you teach through experience, rather than instruction…your story of NOLA to Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido achieves your goal of inspiring others to take action through the truth.

Also, the repetitiveness of the sculpture and the ocean make this read as more than just a personal story; it’s obvious you put a lot of effort into this.

Interesting analysis of the ban.  I completely agree with you.  You got banned because of the size of an ego…in a way, the ban proves the owner’s desire for validation that’s so similar to some of women he incessantly critiques.

Point of the matter is: Great book, great story, excited to read more from you.”

…his book is one filled with adventure, travel, drugs, Mexican gangs and sex….hooked yet? Goldmund takes the reader inside the very soul of Oaxaca using the landscape, weather, architecture and women. Goldmund makes sure the reader experiences every sexy curve, beautiful face, and orgasm with him.

His search for adventure seeps through the pages and makes you want to get slapped in the face by life, if your stuck at home with a fever such as myself that may limit things but you catch my drift.

The gaming aspect of this book was fun to read. I’ve rolled out with Goldmund a few times in New York and know he is a smooth operator but was curious to see how he would game abroad in a different language. I don’t want to spoil it for you guys but it was muy bueno! Dom Torres  

*read the full review here.

…go forth is an odyssey into a world filled with sex, sea turtles, clay sculptures, and the starry mexican sky. so if you’re looking for inspiration, real inspiration — if you want to be inspired by art, nature, dancing, travel and chicks — read this book.

bailar, motherfuckers, bailar!  Rivelino

*full review here.

Just finished this a few minutes ago and felt inspired to add my $0.02.

I’ve noticed a pattern of micro-moments of clarity when reading Goldmund’s posts online, his blog, and now his book.

He’s got a style of game that I am realizing is closer to my nature and speaks to me much louder than some of the nuts and bolts stuff out there. (That stuff is great, though!) I’ve been reading about Game, red pill, etc for about 1.5 years now and absorbing it all.

I think part of that comes with reconciling certain aspects and viewpoints that really jive with you and feel “right.” You have to take in all this new information. It grounds you into rubble as the pill slides down your throat. Much of your former self is eroded, then you rebuild to your own, perfect specifications.

Goldmund’s adventurous outlook and genuine connection with the world around him – people, creatures, nature – has given me a bit of new life and released a pent-up perspective that was there all along. It’s going to launch me forward into the next chapter of applying game into my reality.

I’m glad to see guys that see the world as beautifully as they did when they were a child.

Ah yes, the book: highly recommended.

Read through all of ‘Go Forth’ in 36 hours and was completely hooked. Goldmund’s writing is detailed and very engaging. I was very envious of his exploits in Mexico and I really want to travel to Oaxaca and Mexico City now. The thought of drinking Mescal and banging bad bitches down there is on my to-do list.

Kudos to you, sir. Excellent work. Mr.Mojo Risin’

The book was a fun read and what I like most is how you presented the stories. You allowed your memories to flow from one to another with all of them reaching a common theme of self discovery, much like how rivers drain into one big ocean.

This book has definitely opened my eyes. I don’t know if you intended this or not, but the main theme, for me, is how listening to your nature and becoming what you are instead of what you “should be” can allow you to be free. Much like how a boy feels free when he acts as he is suppose to act: playful, jovial, and curious.

Well done and honestly, I was trying to wait for the paperback to come out, but fuck it. Next time you release a book, you have to send me an autographed paperback book.

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