Camera Game

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The book that breaks down my Camera Game techniques in to so much detail that it guarantees success if you follow the steps correctly.

Its not just a book meant for meeting girls (although if thats all you want to do, its easy to skip to the chapters that give you an outline on exactly how).

Its also meant to teach you the basics for becoming a skilled photographer.

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It guides you through getting the right equipment, choosing the right clothes to wear, entering the best state of mind, approaching properly, knowing what to say, how to get numbers, instant dates, and lead girls right to the bedroom.

I even included a chapter on how to make money from practicing Camera Game.

100s of hours of hard work, experience, and research went in to this book and I can promise that if you follow the steps outlined within, you will be on the path to becoming extremely successful with girls from a very rewarding and fun hobby.

I can safely say that practicing Camera Game has been one of biggest keys to unlocking my success with women. Nothing will teach you to become social, interesting, and captivating to girls faster than this. It elevated my game to new heights and the skills learned through it transferred to every aspect of my life.


Buy it, and use it to become a person who can show women some fun and attract them through the extremely powerful medium of photography.

Adobe Photoshop PDF

4 comments on “Camera Game

  1. It’s very good Goldmund. Even with the padding of writing already on the blog (some stories) what’s new with regards to the equipment is great and definitely worth the $10. It sparks the photographer within. Thinking of getting an EOS 70D to take with me to Prague.

    • Glad you enjoyed it Fabian.

      Prague is a great city to bring a camera: fantastic architecture, interesting bridges, and girls with porcelain doll faces–you are going to love it there.

      Share some of the pics you get!

      • I cannot wait. Been slogging away to save for this trip with my brother. June to July so a little wait before I will post them up. As a new daygamer/photographer I know that month will provide more growth than the years gone by (in all the right places). 😉
        I get to jump right in with your advice plus I am 2/3rds your age hahaha. The internet is wonderful. If only people used it with more discernment – we’d have more Goldmunds.

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