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The Man From Brooklyn

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A story written by a girl who came to visit me after she found my blog and read my books.

Its a fascinating journey into the mind of a female as she honestly recounts her few days living with me and observing my lifestyle. She honestly and candidly reveals her thoughts and feelings in a captivating style.

I also break down my side of the story as it relates to game and describe the six key tenets that shape my relationships with women.

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Advanced Game Techniques

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A compilation of 14 of my strongest techniques when it comes to seducing women effectively and quickly.

After each description there are key points that can be utilized and internalized.

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Art of the One Night Stand


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A collection of ten short stories about One Night Stands. After each is a detailed breakdown of the exact pieces of my game that led to success.

The stories are very unique, exciting, and each one has its own spirit.

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An Introduction to Camera Game: How to Seduce Women Through Photography

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This book breaks down everything you need to know in order to get started seducing girls through photography.

Equipment, mindset, motivation, training, projects, lines, routines, location, getting numbers, and going on dates that lead fast sex are all detailed.

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Go Forth: A Journey South


This book chronicles a journey I took down through New Orleans and Mexico during the summer of 2014.

A transformation took place while I was there and unlocked my abilities as an advanced player and observer of the world.

Read some reviews here, and more about the book here.

Montreal Je t’aime

Keep in mind, I was smoking a cigar at this point.

Keep in mind, I was smoking a cigar at this point.

This 10,000 word treatise about my five day trip up to Montreal and the Adirondack mountains contains dozens of unique photos that display how my camera game was put in to full effect.

I also had a very strong connection with a girl while up there and write about how our short tryst held more meaning than a usual hook-up.

Bonus trip hiking up the highest peak in New York (Mt. Marcy) at the end.

Read more about it here, and gain access to it here.





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