Meeting People Leads to Adventure

Since there were still no girls in Puerto, I spent most of my time enjoying the ocean and working (a little) during the day.

Yesterday, I was walking down the beach in the late afternoon. At the end of the beach is a spot where the local fisherman keep their tiny fishing boats. There was one guy who was getting his gear together and looked like he was about to head out. I went over to him “hola amigo, can you take me fishing?” and I flashed 100 pesos ($7 US).

He looked at me and said “si amigo! Let’s go!”

I hopped in the boat and we took off into the Pacific.

Our lines were out trolling and we tried to have conversations in my limited Spanish. The best of course when we were describing the Mexican girls. Using my hands I showed him that I liked asses. We laughed and laughed while speeding through the current. He pretended to hump the boat engine and I was cracking up.

We got a few miles out and started to see sea turtles. The first pair we saw was a pair that were mating. When they saw us coming, they dipped back under the water and dissapeared.

Antonio told me that the next tortuga we saw, he would bring the boat up, and I should jump in and ride it. I didn’t believe it at first but he was very animated and kept encouraging it. His sincerity was convincing.

We spotted another solo turtle ahead. He told me to get ready and killed the engine as we drifted by. The turtle had already started to swim away when I leapt off the side. It was a good dive that propelled me right next to her. I grabbed her by the fin and she kicked me with her foot. Her head came right in front of my face, and I thought the girl was sure to bite me. But she kept her mouth shut, the nice lady. And I got my hand on the shell right behind the neck and turned her around. With my other hand at the rear of the shell, I was able to ride her back to the boat. It was fun steering the turtle and letting her do the work.

Antonio was cheering and taking photos. He tossed me a rope and jumped in next to me. He tied the rope around one of the turtles fins so it couldn’t swim away. Then I danced with her for the next ten minutes. There is a great photo of me kissing the back of the reptiles head while its eyes stare back at me.

We didn’t catch any fish but the experience was worth countless more than the pesos.

That night I went out and of course, everywhere was empty. There was one bar that had lots of books and a really cool vibe. The bartender looked pretty chill and we started talking, about girls of course, and he kept the mezcal coming.

There was one table of three girls and a guy who was playing Jenga, the tender encouraged me to go talk to them. I obliged, part of me just wanted him to witness game, and I walked over. “Hola! Habla ingles?”

I asked them what there was to do on a Wednesday and they pointed me to a bar that had dance parties. We chatted for a bit but they were not very attractive and pretty bland, so I excused myself and went back to the bar.

Bartender was impressed with my opening game, and laughed really hard when I told him “no, no bella”.

We chatted some more and he offered me some marijuana. Of course I said yes, what else was there to do? He then took a lime and cut it in half and drained it with his lime squeezer. He removed all of the wet parts and pulp until there was just the lime skin.

We went to the back of the bar and he packed one end of the skin with weed and rolled it over. He said “marijuana taco” and lit the packed end and sucked on the other until he started coughing.

I hit it a few times, surprisingly smooth and tasty. My first marijuana taco. I was happy.

I went out to the bar the girls had recommended. There were people there, no girls that were alone, and I started chatting with an old Mexican dude. He asked if I wanted to try some cocaine. I asked if it was good cartel coke and he said “si, si…muy bueno.” Alright, lets try some real Mexican powder.

We went into the bathrooms, which were outdoors and open. Another American guy in there was watching.  My guy took out a tiny bag of white. He said “try, if you like, you can buy more.” He put some on the edge of a 5 peso coin and I took the bump. It was bueno.

I asked him how much for the bag and he said 500 pesos. I laughed in his face and said no fucking way am I paying that much for that little.

The other American who was watching said “hey man, I’ll take that.” and gave him 500 pesos for about 4 bumps of the cola. I laughed and said “Not me, gracias.” And walked out.

I walked through the streets feeling pretty good and enjoying the air when I heard some people laughing in a garden. The sign on the wall said it was a hostal and I went in and found a group of guys and one American girl. A 6.

The 6 was the most obnoxious person I had encountered since leaving New York. She was as proud as a cunt to be the center of attention with the other dudes and wanted to get attention from me. I didn’t give her more than a few grunts and a glance when she tried to engage.

I told the guys about the marijuana taco and free bump and they loved it. Told me about the crazy amounts of drugs that are in Escondido during the high season, and then we decided it was a good idea to make our own marijuana tacos.

After getting really high, I remember laughing until tears came out because we were taking the tacos–cradling and kissing them like they were little babies. The whole time, the 6 was getting furious for being ignored–and that made me happy.

I’m heading back to Oaxaca where the women are, but these new adventures and interchanges with fun people are part of game.

Life Game.

*P.S. Don’t try any harder drugs (like cocaine) until you are over 30. You have to know yourself first or else you run the risk of letting them control you. Those people are losers.

About Goldmund

Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

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      • My age.

        I’m still young so I don’t have the freedom most guys do. Well, I do, but not in a relative sense.

        For example, I can’t suddenly decide to fly to Mexico.

        • But you can go explore a part of your location you have never been. Go to some forest and flip over rocks and logs until you find a snake or something that freaks you the fuck out.

          Ride your bike to a part of town you have never been.

          Eat some ethic food you have never tasted.

          Go fishing.

          Those types of activities will get your mojo rising and the girls will sense it.

          No need to travel abroad to start the fire burning.

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