How to Meet any Girl you Want: The Recognition Technique

Do you ever find yourself walking around and you see an extremely attractive girl but don’t know what to say?

If you are like most men on the planet, the answer is going to be yes–it happens to me all the time.

Since I returned to New York from being on the road this summer, I’ve been using a new technique that has been wildly successful in starting up an exciting and fun conversation with a girl right from the start.

It does take some skill and involves a white lie, but its 100X more effective and honest than online dating.

The most useful class I ever took in college was Improv Acting. It taught me to express myself completely in the moment, get into character, and respond to other peoples emotions. Its come in handy throughout many life situations, and is especially useful with this technique. I highly suggest taking an acting class if you can, it is a great learning experience.

The way the Recognition Technique works is simple.

You see a girl you like and go up to her like you recognize her. 

This has happened to us all before, when you are out roaming around, and you see someone you haven’t seen in a long time: an old friend, an ex-lover, a former classmate–anyone who you haven’t been familiar with in a while.

You know the look that goes on your face: a bright smile, raised eyebrows, maybe you point at them (I do), and say “Hey!” as you approach quickly.

Do this to the girl you want to talk to.

When she sees you coming and gets confused, you snap out of it and say “Oh shit, I thought you were someone else! You look just like a friend of mine.”

Since the girl is going to be attractive, she will be happy to know that you are friends with attractive girls and will feel comfortable right away.

Then you take the conversation wherever you want based on her reaction.

You can ask about her ethnicity, “Are you Colombian?” and how the resemblance to her and your ‘friend’ is uncanny.

I’ve done this at night on the street and on the subway, and have gotten girls to go on a date with me right then and there.

It’s also worked for me on the street during the daytime, and resulted in numbers that turned into dates.

I love it because it immediately sets up the basis for a conversation that is full of energy and is unique–you need to do this if you want to stand out in today’s world.

Cookie-cutter opening lines and boring conversations don’t work anymore, you have to make an impact on girls if you want them to remember you.

This is a great way to do it, plus its tons of fun–I love being mischievous and teasing people–the recognition technique is pure devilishness.

When I do get the girl on a date, I have more fun when I watch her reaction as I tell her that I didn’t really recognize her, but I couldn’t figure out anything to say–I’ve never had a bad reaction when the truth comes out–they actually like me more because its such a clever way to meet someone.

Try it out, especially if you are a Cad like me who enjoys bending the rules in order to get what you want.

This is a good example of an Advanced Game Technique.

I suggest buying it if you like this style, the tips in the quick and useful book are much more detailed and some are downright psychopathic.

Get Advanced Game Techniques here.

About Goldmund

Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

8 comments on “How to Meet any Girl you Want: The Recognition Technique

    • Put it to use!

      I was killing it while sitting in an outdoor patio for dinner last night.

      Girls were streaming by and it was so easy to point at them and do the technique.

      Twice, I got girls to join me at the table for a few minutes. Chatted them up, numbers taken.

      I’m getting better at it too.

  1. Looks like a good trick, will try it out.

    However there is something I would like to ask you. I have started this summer doing approaches to girls, mostly at parties and open-air events. I have had some encouraging results, but the whole experience is energy-draining.

    Furthermore, I feel I am losing focus on my life. How do people combine a regular job/occupation with sex? Is this way LTRs are the preferred method, because they are stable?

    To me the most frustrating thing about sex is that it can not be neatly arranged and planned, like food, art, books and pretty much else in life. Prostitution is the closest thing and I liked the experience, but I am kinda afraid of STDs.

    Any ideas on how not to get too obsessed?

    • What you just described about sex not being neatly arranged and planned like other needs in life is exactly the reason I love it so much.

      It should be spontaneous–planned sex is very unsexy if you ask me (most girls will say the same).

      This does take a lot of time and energy to sustain, thats why I always tell guys to build up their life first (money, career), then you can really dive in.

      The life isn’t for everyone.

      I have no advice on prostitution, not my thing.

  2. Absolutely hilarious.

    I love reading your stories, my one complaint is you do not post often enough.

    Not to flip it around and make it about me, but so much about what you write is so similar to how my head wraps around the same problems when it comes to meeting new people.

    One of my personal favorites is to use a totally assumed name on a random & try to contrast it strongly. The hottie making your coffee, she becomes Patty. Its all about the tone and body language, throw in a hint of sarcasm, back it up with solid confidence and its off to the races.

    I have used this style of communication in one form or another for decades(did I say that?) and It is so dam effective. As an added bonus, people know going forward you are playful and daring and nothing is more attractive.

    Keep up the hard work out there!

    • I guess that is a complaint I can live with. Putting together quality posts is a lot more work than people think–especially when I try to make sure each one has real world application and isn’t just some ‘good idea’ that popped into my head.

      The assuming the name thing is pretty good, I like that. A lot of times I’ll just make up a name for my date and roll with that to make it fun.

      Just playing around, teasing, and having a good time is so important if you want to get sexual with girls–too many guys are afraid to let loose and allow their girls feel comfortable like a kid again.

      I’ve been doing a weekly/semi-weekly email, and the last one touched on the above subject in a deeper way (plus, you get exclusive photos!). Sign up for the list if you haven’t yet…

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