Live Speaking Event & Party at the 21 Convention in Orlando

This September I’ll be speaking at the 21 Convention that will take place in Orlando, Florida.

It is a special 10 Year Anniversary event that will feature some incredible, dynamic personalities.

In addition to myself, there will be:

The brilliant OG of the redpill, Rollo Tomassi.

Style guru and overall cool guy Tanner Guzy.

Enterprising Playboy and good friend Christian McQueen.

Masculinity expert Jack Donovan.

And many others who have a deep knowledge of redpill topics.

**I was just informed that the legendary Ross Jefferies will also be there–which is incredible, he has always been on another level**

The 21 Convention is an event for men who want to make the most out of life through positive action and:

“To Actualize the Ideal Man”

From the Website:

The event is subtitled “a panorama event for life on earth as a man” because it’s focus is one that does, and always fundamentally has, aimed to encompass all cornerstones of life on earth, uniquely experienced as a man.

Deconstructed to their most basic form, Anthony Johnson identifies these aspects in what he calls “the four pillars of the ideal man”.

  • Exercise & Nutrition –> a man’s relationship with his body
  • Male/Female Relationships –> a man’s relationship to others
  • Self-Actualization –> a man’s relationship with himself
  • Individualism –> a man’s relationship to reality at large

Underpinned by a passionate commitment to a continual process of making those highest potentials in every individual real through action — self-actualization — Anthony Dream Johnson has forged The 21 Convention to be man’s best tool, resource, and inspiration for such action and achievement in the 21st century.

Whether knowingly or not, my path in life has mainly been aimed towards reaching my potential.

Subjects I will be cover during my presentation:

Game: The biggest hurdle I had to overcome in my 20s. Once women/sex ceased being a source of frustration, I was free to focus clearly on other issues. I’ll describe the most meaningful lessons I learned and provide advice on how to implement them.

Life/Game as Adventure: “The Indiana Jones of the Redpill” is a fitting title, not just because I get to share some of my adventures with others, but because living an adventurous life has provided meaning and allowed more understanding of my subconscious. I will also be discussing ayahuasca during this segment.

The Power of Creativity: I’ll go deep into how creating Art can add a depth to living that can’t be found anywhere else. I also have a pretty awesome Camera Game project that will come to life specifically for The 21 Convention.

After each speaker, there will also be a Q & A where you can ask any question you want. I’ll most likely be milling around afterwards to chat–and be out later on to sample the Orlando nightlife.

**I’ll most likely slip a Camera Game session in for those who are interested. Orlando is brimming with potential and its always a blast to show others what it is like in person.**

I’m not one for motivational speeches or slick sales, but I learn the most out of brutal honesty and truth telling.

The guys who convinced me to speak at The 21 Convention–Rollo Tomassi, and the late Andrew “The Private Man” Hansen–are two of the most honest and trusted men I have ever known, so I’m glad to add my name to the impressive list of speakers.

The Private Man was a friend of mine, and we will be honoring him during a small segment (I’ve got a hilarious story to tell involving him, some Cuban strippers, a few Cougars, and tag-team game on our part).

Technical Info:

The dates are September 28th–October 1st, 2017 (Thursday–Sunday).

Speakers and sessions run each day from 9–7pm.

Tickets also include:

-1+ year digital access to 21 University to watch all the videos from this event early and ad-free.

-A huge dinner Friday night where everyone can attend and eat for free.

-Access to a Private Party on Saturday night (you know if me and McQueen are going to be there, we are going to bring it hard).

If you get the tickets now, its $799. The price goes up May 1 to $999, and after that the full price ticket will be $1499.

So get the tickets now if you are thinking about it!

I like the city of Orlando, I used to live in St. Augustine and we would go down to visit for shows and debauchery with the Disney crowd. I also know some girls down there, and they know more girls–and they know how I am–so it is guaranteed to be a good time.

This is really going to be something special, the redpill community is still relatively small, and hasn’t been exploited by marketers who care more about sales rather than telling the truth.

You are guaranteed to get real advice from men who are sincere with their message and come with a mission to help others.

*Do me a big favor, and if you are going to buy a ticket (and you should), to purchase it from the links I provide in the banners here. That way I get my due;)*

About Goldmund

Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

2 comments on “Live Speaking Event & Party at the 21 Convention in Orlando

  1. I just bought my ticket through your link. Make sure you have at least one sale under you :).

    Looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the speakers. This is my first time going to the convention and meeting the community in general. Not sure what to expect, but I’m sure it’s going to be a fun weekend.

    • Nice.

      The first time I did the Man in Demand seminar with McQueen, Rollo, and Tanner, I had no idea what to expect–I thought it might end up being a bit weird.

      Wasn’t the case at all. Everyone was very relaxed and at ease–it ended up being awesome.

      Same with other events I’ve been to–always a lot of fun and a ton to take away.

      Guaranteed to be a good time…going to tear up Orlando.

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