Interviewing Girls in NYC About Style (and what makes a sexy badboy)

Looking good can make your life much easier. Girls will be easier to talk to (some will even come up to you and begin the conversation), guys will respect you, promotions will come faster at work, and cops will believe your story.

I went out twice and rolled around Manhattan asking girls what they noticed in guys first, how men could improve their style and become more attractive, and my favorite question: How could a guy use style to come across as a fun lover rather than a boyfriend?

Here come the girls:

This first one was walking with her friend, in a hurry to get somewhere, but still agreed to answer some questions.

After she told me that my clothes were nice, but my attitude was what was best. Then she ran off.

This girl was just wandering around, new to New York, and looked really good from far away. Her hat and coat were great. She wanted to hang out, I took her number…but not gonna call, I don’t do dates.

This was the day after the ‘blizzard’ and there were tons of people out having snowball fights. One rages on in the background as these three young ladies and I have a chat. I heard one of them say “only in New York” as I walked away.

This is a group of girls I would usually avoid at all costs. But pickings were slim that day and I rediscovered why most of the ladies I court are foreign.

Three things that stood out to me:

Girls are Crazy About Shoes.

I tell this to guys that I coach that the fastest way they can improve their game is to get proper shoes. Not only do they serve as the foundation of your outfit, but nice shoes will boost your confidence. Compliments on my Dalton Boots is a very common opener for girls when they approach me, I take care of them and know they look good. That does wonders for my game.

Fit is Very Important

Nearly every girl mentioned how important the fit of pants is. Not to baggy, not too skinny. I agree with this 100%. Most of my life I wore pants that were too baggy because they were in style when I was growing up and were essential to my skateboarding and snowboarding obsessions. My life changed when Tanner at Masculine-Style recommended the Dockers Alpha Khaki. They are what I wear 90% of the time.

Attitude Trumps Style

Something that is good news for those of us who don’t have money for the nicest suits or new clothes every month. My clothes fit my personality very well and this knowledge bumps up my attitude. The combo has a powerful synergy and will make you look and feel your best in every way.

Girls Don’t Mind if You are a Player

I don’t like the word player much at all because it implies that the guy will lie to girls to get them in bed. My game doesn’t involve lying but owning up to the fact that I’m here for the experience and the lady can come along for the ride if she wants. This conversation usually takes place early on with my interactions with girls…if they bring it up. Most of them never do but know exactly what I’m all about. Years back I would have tried to lead the girls into thinking that I was interested in something long term (maybe I was at that time) and that led to a lot of crying and broken hearts. There is nothing but mutual satisfaction now.

I have no shame in how I live because its exactly what I want to do right now and there is no misleading.

*More on this topic later, I’m going to design an interview project around that subject and work with it in these next few weeks.


Style is very important. Sometimes its hard to get started learning what works for you, but the rewards are well worth it.

To help you get started, there is no better place than Masculine-Style. The blog is a well of good information and Tanner is a fantastic consultant.

If you sign up for his services (which I highly recommend) make sure you put the coupon code ‘goldmund’ in for a 10% discount on either his Style Profile or Detailed Evaluation.

Once you know what works for you and what doesn’t, putting yourself together right gets easier and easier.

As you age, your style should evolve with you and enhance your appearance. It is quite possible for game to get easier and easier as the years go by and you gain knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

Let this show through in the way you dress.





About Goldmund

Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

6 comments on “Interviewing Girls in NYC About Style (and what makes a sexy badboy)

  1. “I have no shame in how I live because its exactly what I want to do right now and there is no misleading.”

    hell yeah. great videos, my man. you are constantly on the cutting edge.

    • Ha.

      There are hordes of these robots making life difficult for the boys these days. Hopefully the smart boys will realize there is a problem, Google it, be led over to this side, and deprogram.

  2. I wish I could wear these things but do the best with what the lord gave me. I am 6’0 200lbs athletic frame. My measurements are 34 x 34 and I don’t have much of an arch in my foot.

    This prevents me from getting the freshest styles since I need a wider shoe (but I manage to get shoes that don’t look like clown shoes but my selection is limited) and my pant size they sell but the cut is usually uncomfortable if I get it too skinny it squeezes my johnson and his two buddies. So usually I have to go with regular, boot cut and definitely never slim cut or anything tighter.

    Seems the only guys who can wear slim or skinny are underweight with no muscle tone.

    I manage to buy things that fit fairly well and look good but I’ll never be “Snazzy” because my body proportions are not the average.

    • Maybe you should shoot Tanner an email and see if he can help you out. I’m sure there are ways you can look sharp while being big. I can see how you would get frustrated with how hard it can be to find clothes that stand out.

      My body shape changed last year and I had to switch to small slim sized shirts and was shocked (I’m not skinny, work out regularly) at how hard it was to find the perfect fit.

      A good resource for you might be this: I’ve come across his stuff before and he knows his shit.

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